The power of grit in exploring the pathways to your destiny

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The power of grit in exploring the pathways to your destiny

{Interest, passion, practice, perseverance, purpose, and rest}

Kareem Itunu Azeez

                     “The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed,

                        a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released

                        and channeled toward some great good.”………….Brian Tracy

If you have taken your time to open this file and read what details  have compiled here then, you likely would be among the next set of those who will continue to smile their life onwards,

If you would practice this after reading it, you probably might be reading your last articles on exploring pathways to unlocking the inborn potentials your destiny encompasses, why? Simply because your next line of reading would be how to maintain the success your grit has brought to you in the floods of success your destiny has engulf you with.

It is true that every individual is born or crated with one potentials or the other, enough and capable to engage him/her for a lifetime, but many never developed the courage needed to drive into storms where there destiny lies, and therefore fall by the wayside of life, tragically many are buried with the gift the heavenly being has placed in them.

Various researchers has also delve into the issue of grit in not just taken over your destiny but also looking into the future, Duckworth a graduate from the university of Pennsylvania, explains grit as the combination of passion and perseverance, for a singularly important GOAL. Personally I would see her definition as perfect because she not only defines  it in theory but also demonstrated it in her dealings as one of her GOAL, came through in the motive of the “grit scale” a tool she invented used for measuring grit.

The truth is that, as well as there are issues man faces in getting what he’s expected to have at some certain time in life, there are few things that divert his mind, such as his interest which he fails to pay attention to because of the society we found ourselves in, passion which is almost in transit in the life of an average man today, practice which nowadays man believes what he knows all therefore there is no need for any upgrade, perseverance, few are those who have the life it takes for the longevity of hardships when the tough times came calling, purpose, and rest.

When Confucius said, “A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step” he wasn’t just referring to taken the foot to a long walk, he was actually talking to the conscious mind of a man who already knows how tough life could be and how prepared you should be, in preparing your conscious and subconscious mind, in taking the giant step called GRIT or COURAGE.

Therefore achieving the almost impossible is possible if t has been achieved before, taking charge of your destiny, the only life you seem tp genuinely have control over is also possible, through the combinations of the listed above ingredients, because they all work together. A breakdown of these ingredients follows thus.

INTEREST: just 1% of human as large as the population is, achieve success doing what they don’t have interest in, no record for the percentage which ultimately means no individual have control of their life if there is no interest in whichever they lay their hand upon.

PASSION AND PURPOSE: to live your destiny, to even think about knowing the pathways which leads home, you need to be doing what you are supposed to be doing, to master what you are good at, and change the things you believe in and not forgetting to from meaningful relationships, passion and purpose walks hand in hand, without them together where’s the grit coming from. Finding your purpose and having that passion isn’t what the average person is good at, because he doesn’t have the grit, because he is afraid of leaving the comfort zone where he has ben dwelling for the time been, he loves excuses, thereby many people today fall by the wayside of life.

PRACTICE:  this is the repetition of an activity to improve a skill. That definition is write to some levels, but in finding the pathways to your destiny a better definition might be needed, you repeat and upgrade, don’t just repeat what you already know as practice, because what brought you here won’t take you to the next level, if you do not upgrade your practices.

PERSEVERANCE: have you ever wonder how many times people try before they give up on their goals, an average person gives up after just the first try, most people never even take the first step before they change their mind, that the goal is insurmountable, some make the first move when the results seems to come their way, but give up and never persevere when the icebergs begin to surface. Even in failure, it’s your destiny remember after all.

REST:  finding the pathways to your future might means burning the candles at both ends with late nights and early morning, leading you to become stressed out, and unproductive, it’s important that you make time to rest with a good sleep routine, which will allow you to be successful while getting things done.

One of the greatest writer of our time, Robert Greene, once said about taking charge of one’s destiny, enter action with boldness, take charge of your destiny with passion, if you are unsure of a course of action, do not attempt it, your doubts and hesitations will infect your executions. It’s better to enter the pathways with some certain levels of grit, for any mistakes you commit through this can easily be corrected with even more boldness and audacity.

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