The Role of Working Capital Management as a Tool Effectiveness in the Nigeria Bank (A Case Study of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Ilorin)

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Title page                                                                                    i

Certification                                                                                          ii

Dedication                                                                                   iii

Acknowledgement                                                                      iv-v

Table of contents                                                                        vi-viii

Proposals                                                                                     ix


1.0        General introduction                                                        1

1.1        Background of the study                                                  1

1.2        Statement of the problem                                                 2

1.3        Justification of the study                                                 4

1.4        Objective of the study                                                       6

1.5        Scope of the study                                                            8

1.6        Limitation of the study                                                     8

1.7        Plan of the study                                                              9

1.8        Definition of terms                                                            10


2.0        Literature review                                                              12

2.1        Working capital management                                          12

2.2        Working capital circle                                                       17

2.3        Components of working capital management                 17

2.4        Cash management                                                           18

2.4.1   Important of cash/ sources of funds                          19

2.4.2   Cash versus profits                                                      24

2.4.3   Cash planning                                                             24

2.5        Inventory/ Stock management                                        24

2.6        Determine the optimum cash balances                           27

2.6.2   Optimum cash balance under certainty                          28

2.7        Inventory/ Stock management                                        35

2.8        Ascertainment of cost                                                       38

2.9        Reasons for holding stock                                                42


3.0        Research methodology                                                     43

3.1        Introduction                                                                      43

3.2        Research type                                                                   43

3.3        Research methodology procedures                                  44

3.3.1   Research design                                                           44

3.3.2   Data specification                                                        44

3.3.3   Population of the study                                               45

3.3.4   Sample size                                                                  46

3.3.5   Generalization of sample size                                      46

3.3.6   Data collection instruments                                        47


4.0        Finding and analysis of data                                            51

4.1        Characteristics of sample                                                 51

4.2        Analysis of individual statement                                     57


5.0        Summary, conclusion and recommendation                   67

5.1        Summary                                                                          67

5.2        Conclusion                                                                        68

5.3        Recommendation                                                              68

5.4        Limitation of the study                                                     70

5.5        Suggested area of the study                                             71

Bibliography                                                                     72


This work of project based on the working capital management as a tool for business survival is classify into five different chapters. Which the chapter one based on the general introduction, background of the study, statement of the problems justification of the study and objective of the study, scope of the study and plan of the study.

While chapter two relies on literature review with sub-division of working capital management working capital circle, component, cash management important of cash management, cash planning and inventory stock management.

Chapter three based or research, methodology with the sub-division of research types, research methodology procedures, research design, data specification population of the study, sample size, generalization of sample, unique, method of union bank of Nigeria plc.

Also chapter four based on finding and analysis of data, characteristics of sample of individual statement.

Lastly chapter five which comprised with the summary, conclusion and recommendation, limitation of the study, suggested areas of the study and bibliography.

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