The concept of employee turnover and retention within the banking sector is an area that provide applied usage of academic researches because of its timeliness with the turbulence in the financial space in Ghana. The study sort to examine turnover intentions as a case at GT Bank (Ghana) Ltd. To achieve that, 60 employees were sampled to respond to a survey questionnaire on their turnover intentions after the banking sector review which saw a downward trend of banks from 36 to 27 with mergers, reclassification and exit of some of the banks. A descriptive analysis was conducted, and the independent t-test analysis was used to test the research hypothesis. It was revealed that there are low turnover intentions by current employees who were purposefully and conveniently surveyed. Also, there is no significant gender difference on intention to leave as well as no difference in turnover intentions among staff category (permanent vs. contract staffs). The study’s revelation has implications for managers and human resource units about the little cause for worry that their employees may be leaving the organization very soon. Other implications such as filling the research gap of knowing recent thoughts about employees’ intention to leave the banking sector is fulfilled despite the need for more studies on this subject area across the banking industry as a whole.

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