UN peace and security challenge

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Subsequent to the dissolution of the Soviet Union on 26 December 1991, the cold war era were terminated. This ushered the world into the post-cold war era. The post-cold cold war era saw the period of rapid advancement in science and technology. New security challenges began to emerge. Despite the United Nations changing strategy to meet up with the new peace and security challenges, achieving international peace and security is still not child’s play since after the cold war. This study explored those challenges hindering the United Nations effort towards ensuring international peace and security in the post-cold war era. This is a descriptive study and as well a qualitative design. Sources and methods of data collection were published online and hardcopy materials and realist theory of power served as a framework for analysis. Findings revealed that the struggle for power and hegemony among countries in the post-cold war era accounted for the excessive peace and security threats that try to overwhelm the UN. It was also revealed that the United Nations use of force to restore international peace and security has done more harm than good. The paper recommended that the United Nations Charter needs to be revisited, so as to curtail impartiality in the international system and reinstall transparency and inclusiveness as such will go a long way to ensure international peace and security. Additionally, the use of force in the UN peacekeeping missions in the post-cold war era should be suspended and other more diplomatic instruments should be employed in the United Nations struggle to ensure international peace and security.

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