United Nations Higher Commissioner For Refugees In The Provision And ~Eliv1~Ry Of Education: ~A Case Study Of Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

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This research report focused United Nations higher commissioner for refugees in the provision and delivery of education: a case study of Nakivale refugee s~tlement, Uganda. The following objectives were tested to determine the types of education service offered by UNHCR in Nakivale refugee settlement, Isin!giro district, to examine how refugees perceive the education

offered by UNHCR in Nakivale refugee settlement, Isingiro district and to determine thC challenges faced by both UNI-ICR and refugees in Nakivale refugee settlement, Isingiro district. The rescarcher used both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection. The study used descriptive analytical study for key informant interviews; and quantitative techniques for

questionnaires and focus group discussions and documentaryl reviews during data collection.

Qualitative data from the key informants were obtained from the interviews used during the

study and the responses were listed and assigned cqdes according to emerging sub-themes of the

study, which analyses wer~ used ~for report writing coded~ on tables for interpretation.

Quantitative data analysis was conducted by eliciting information from the interview schedules.

Frequency tables, charts and descriptions were used to describe and present the findings. It was conclude that post primary education opportunity has been looked at by the few education actors

as the alternative acceptable and implemented in situations of emergencies in countries of

conflict and refugee host countries, Nakivale refugee camp settlement region inclusive,

secondary school has gradually taking ground because it is considered as a scale up educational

qualification which is globally! recognized to aid pursuance of college, university and institutional training programmes while financing depends majorly on individual and private sponsorships by interested candidates outside of the emergency education actor’s priority areas. Refugee children~from DRC and South Sudan are facing language and culture shock upon arrival

and after location into settlement camps in Nakivale refugee ~amp settlement region. Refugees

from DRC speak French and all their learning processes froni home country is conducted in French language only and when they are settled in Uganda they have to struggle in order to cope up with learning English as t~e offic~al communication in Uganda education system. Overall, there are many educational challenges in the Nakivale refugee s~ttlement. However, the existing

education partners still have a great opportunity to significantly impact the refugee community

b~ building the eapacity of the youth and teachers through trainings, mobilizing the community,

and improving ECD/CFS through to primary and secondary education including

technical/vocational skills development implementation strategies in order to meet the

overwhelming refugee education needs in Nakivale relh~ee camp settlement region. The

researcher recommended that there should be an establishment of Community-led

Technical/Vocational Skills Tr’aining Units; community Mobilization in Education in

Emergencies should be sensitized; the provision of Teacher Training Materials should be taken

ii9to consideratioh and the government should improve the CFS Strategy and the inclusion of Childrei~ with Disabilities should be taken intb cbnsideration.









I . Introduction 1

1.1 Background of the study

I. I . 1 Historical perspective

• I .2 Theoretical perspective 3

1. I .3 Conceptual perspective 5

• 1.4 Contextual perspective 6

1 .2 Statement of the Problem 7

1.3 Purpose of the Study 8

1.4 Objectives of the study 8

1.5 Research Questions 8

1.6 Scope of the study 8

1.7 Significance of the Study 9

1.8 Conceptual framework 10

Fig I: Conceptual frame work 10

Source: Primary data, 2019 10




2.1 Introduction

2.2 Different types of education provided to refugee camps 11

2.3 Similarities and differences between types of education offered 16



3.9. Research procedure.

3.10 Ethical flnnoAarotnna

3.11 Limitations ofthe study




2.4 Challenges, Strengths, opportunities and threats oftypes of education 17

2A. I Formal Education 17

2.4.2 Non—formal Education

2.4.3 Informal Education 20

~ •

2.5 Conclusion 20


, I.’ ; I, I~ESEAl~CI—l J~4~fh4OI~5

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Study Population 22

3.4 Sampling l’roceclure 23

3.5 Sources of data 24

3.5.1 Primary Data 24

3.5.2 Secondar3~ Data 24

3.6 ltesearch instrmjnientj 24

3.6.1 Survey Questionnaire — 24

3.6.2 Key införniant Interviews 25

~:7 Quality control I 1 + :...~ 25

3.8 l~ata Analysis 25





CIL%P’rElt FOUR 27


I • I 4.0 Introduction 27


4.1 Sample of 1)emographics I 27

4.1.1 Duration of Respondents Residence in Areas of Study 27

44.2 Gender Stnpjs of~.:: 28

4.1.3 Age of Iliespondents 28

4.1.4 Family Background of Respondents 29

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