Vitamins in Agricultural Catastrophes

Joshua Pearce 4 PAGES (2424 WORDS) Article
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A number of catastrophes could block the sun, including asteroid/comet impact, super volcanic eruption, and nuclear war with the burning of cities (nuclear winter). Previous work has analysed alternate food supplies (e.g. mushrooms growing on dead trees, bacteria growing on natural gas). This was shown to be technically capable of feeding everyone with macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and lipids) and for minerals (though economics and politics remain uncertain). The present work analyses vitamins. The vitamin content of various alternate foods is compared to the U.S. recommended daily allowance and found to be adequate in the right proportions. The results show the intake of all of these vitamins is below the toxic limit. Backup plans discussed include chemical synthesis of vitamins, plants grown with artificial light and growing bacteria rich in certain vitamins.

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