The study sought to survey waste management practices in Sunyani municipality. Some of the specific objectives of the study were to: assess the nature of waste generated in the Municipality, the pattern of waste disposal in the Municipality, assess the waste disposal practices used in the study area and establish the willingness of the polluter pay system. Two broad types of data, the secondary and primary data were used in the study. Interviews and personal observations were also used to collect some of the data. Among the findings were that: Waste management practices differ in urban, peri-urban and rural areas of Sunyani Municipality. Burning of refuse or solid waste is rare in the Municipality; 43.3% of households did not have toilet facilities in their homes; 78.7% of the household disposed of liquid waste anywhere, 15% in nearby gutter while 5.9% dispose off liquid waste in a soak away pit. Some of the recommendations made in the study were that waste management should involve the use of the Integrated Waste Management approach, where combination of the management measures is used. The authorities should ensure that the ban of pan latrine is enforced, there should be more collaboration between the EPA, Municipal Assembly and the Private waste management company to deal with waste in the Municipality. It could be concluded that waste was not being managed efficiently since the various comprehensive approaches were not applied but rather waste was being displaced.

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