Youth-Unemployment and Criminality in Nigeria


This study investigated the public perception of the relationship between youth unemployment and criminality in Nigeria. Questionnaire was administered on participants which comprised 1200 members of diverse groups drawn from three major cities; Enugu, Ibadan and Kaduna in three main ethno-geographical regions of the country using simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Data were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The finding established a significant causal link between youth unemployment and criminality in Nigeria. The study also found that a combination of multiple factors was responsible for the vast youth unemployment situation which has raised the specter of serious and street crimes in the country. The culminating effects on the affected unemployed youths were social disgrace, labeling and loss of self-esteem which devoured their moral characters thereby creating impaired safety and security in the society. The study concluded that youth unemployment was not only an individual problem but also a societal malfeasance which portend a real danger and threat to the socio-economic stability of the country.

Keywords: Criminality,Gainful employment, Worklessness and Youth unemployment.

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