Methods of Teaching English Literature

Methods of Teaching English Literature

Every method has its advantages and disadvantages. Firstly this method was used in the old times therefore it was called the classic method. By its mere name one can know that its emphasis is on grammar, means you should learn a particular, rules of grammars obviously when some one has to learn any language first you try to learn its grammar and these rules have to be memorized and next step should be vocabulary and so this method needs a person who would be very good at cramming and no matter how much you like literature but you will be in hot waters because this method Is still used very often in many of the developing countries. As a matter of fact I find this excersize very laborious and dry however it is good for learners and also this process makes you better in your native language and you posses good words phrases and then making use of these words. But it is not something creative and memorizing words can lead  to boredom in students and they wont enjoy this process of learning instead it would create frustration and irritation in the minds of students

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