Language is a multi purpose and an indispensable instrument for communication in every human endeavour. However, some languages, apart from performing more functions than the others, are also seen as more prestigious than the others. This study focused on the attitudes of people to Pidgin/Creole worldwide. The purpose was to find out to what extent people’s attitudes towards P/C have affected their growth. To explore the possibilities, the researcher used structured questionnaire. Theoretical and empirical studies on the subject were also presented. All these were analysed using Daniel Karlz’s Functionalist Theory of Attitude. The findings revealed that all over the world, the majority of the people still have negative attitudes towards P/C.  

Language is one of the major vehicles of cultural experience. Language is also understood from the people who use it because it is assumed that a people develop their kind of language, and the use of such language is unique to the society in which it is spoken or used. The concern of this study is Pidgin/Creole. Pidgins and Creoles, are the many languages of the world but often assigned to somewhat, marginal position. Although they have existed since time immemorial, in comparison with “fully fledged” languages, little is known about them. (Wardhaugh 54).

The question is, why have P/C not gained such recognition inspite of the fact that the speakers/users cut across the globe? A need has definitely arisen for the study of the attitudes exhibited towards P/C by the society at large. 
The following Research Questions guided the study. 
(1)What are the attitudes of the uneducated Nigerians towards Nigeria Pidgin/Creole languages? 
(2)To what extent have the attitudes of the educated Nigerians affected the growth of Pidgin and Creole languages in Nigeria? 
(3)To what extent have the attitudes of Nigerian government affected the growth of Pidgin/Creole languages in Nigeria?    

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