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The Beginner's Guide to Histamine Intolerance: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management

TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER 1: What is Histamine and Histamine Intolerance?Symptoms of Histamine ExcessWhy Does Too Much Histamine Cause a Problem?How Does the Body Usually get Rid of Histamine?Where is Histamine found in the Body?Why do Histamine Levels Increase?How Much Histamine is Too Much?How is Histamine Intolerance Diagnosed?How can you distinguish between Histamine Intolerance and Food Allergy?Where Does Histamine Come from in Food?CHAPTER 2: Managing Histamine IntoleranceIs There a Cure...

Respiratory Physiology: Control of Respiration

Rhythm controllers in the brainstem1. Medulla     Dorsal respiratory group – associated with inspiration       Ventral respiratory group – associated with expiration.          Pre-Botzinger Complex -  pattern generator, also ventral 2)   Pons   Apneustic center – has an excitatory   function            Pneumotaxic center – can inhibit inspirationOther regions of the ...

Manual Of Emergency Care

PREFACEEarly disease recognition and institution of proper therapy is the key to ensuring survival of the children that come to us for care. The idea of the emergency manual arose from the desire to guide decision making in diagnosis and management of children that present in the Emergency Ward of the department of Paediatrics. Following this, a committee was set up to produce a manual with a formal of definition, aetiology, signs and symptoms, investigations, treatment and references. ...

A Lethal Form of Gorham Disease Associated With Extensive Muscoskeletal Pneumatosis: Case Report and Review of the Literature

ABSTRACTWe report here the imaging findings of a rare case of lethal form of Gorham disease in a young female patient.


ABSTRACTRehabilitation or the blind is an active process whereby the blind person is helped to become 1111 independent and useful member or the community Rehabilitation thus improves the psychological wellbeing or the blind person as well as making him II happy, contributing member or the society. 


ABSTRACTCholedochal cysts are relatively rare and are an uncommon cause of cholostasis. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can prevent complications such as cholangitis, cirrhosis and portal hypertension. This article reviews a rarely reported disease in Africans in whom only 3 cases were documented over the 18 year period in Nigeria. The 3 cases were all females with ages between less than a month and 13 months at presentation. All presented with abdominal swelling with or without j...

Evidence-based compendium of minimally invasive therapeutic dental procedures and materials

Systematic reviews have been recommended as providing the best source of evidence to guide clinical decisions and healthcare policy, and they receive more citations as nonsystematic reviews in peer-reviewed journals. However, they are also very technical by nature and make difficult reading for the general dental practitioner. Often, the findings of a lengthy systematic review may be condensed into a very few sentences that provide all information necessary for daily ...

Asian Immigrants in north America Book from Springer

This book explores a number of issues related to the stigma arising from HIV/AIDS infection, perceived or actual discrimination from the community and society and the extent of vulnerabilities for infected Asian refugees and immigrants. It assesses the health care and treatment regimen for HIV/AIDS accessed by immigrants and refugee claimants in North America, including treatments offered by the health-care system and ethnic communities and their perceptions and biases relating to HIV/AIDS is...


Drugs used in the treatment of gout., A book for patients suffering from this disease


SCHOOL OF NURSING   University College Hospital,              Ibadan   Entrance Screening Exam 2008-2015

Role of Insulin in Glucose Homeostasis: A Review

Glucose being an essential substrate of all mammalian cells need to be maintained at a narrow limits. The process of maintaining blood glucose levels at a steady state level is known as glucose homeostasis. This is accomplished by the finely hormone regulation of peripheral glucose uptake, hepatic glucose production and glucose uptake during carbohydrates ingestion, mediated by the action of Insulin and other factors.