Agricultural Extension And Rural Development Study Materials


Concepts of Extension teaching and learning Principles of Extension teaching and learning How do we learn in Extension? Basic Characteristics and factors affecting teaching and learning; Characteristics of adult learning Differences between pedagogy and andragogy  Factors that affect adult learners Problems of extension education Classification of Extension teaching methods  Merits and demerits of extension teaching methods 

European and North American Freight Transportation Systems, Globalised Trade and Global Policy Implications

Trade is vital to any country for its growth and development. It is so essential that the absence will make all the economies in the world grind to an unexpected halt. There are other regions globally where the functioning of the economy and trade contribution can be more practical than in the United States. In most instances, the economies are supported by trading commodities and services. One of the essential elements of commerce is the transport system. The case analysis will be on the fr...

As an Extension Agent, How you can Motivate the Rural People to Accept the New Innovation or Package you Brought to them

Extension agent is critical element in all extension activities. If the extension agent is not able to respond to a given situation and function effectively, it does not matter how imaginative the extension approach is or how impressive the supply of inputs and resources for extension work. Indeed, the effectiveness of the extension agent can often determine the success or failure of an extension programme. The extension agent has to work with people in a variety of different ways. It is oft...