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Modern Design Assignment: Designing the Best Shape and Size for Ice

The surface area of a three-dimension object is the total area of its surface that is exposed on the outside while its volume is the space inside the shape. For the purpose of comparison of the Volume to Surface area for the three shapes, we can assume the total surface area for each shape to be 38 cm2. This is derived from the assumption of an average size of a cube has a side length of approximately 2.5 centimeters (cm)

Trigonometry Course in Mathematics for the IIT-JEE and Other Engineering Exams

PART A: TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS AND IDENTITIES Lecture 1: Measurement of Angles Lecture 2: Trigonometric Functions Lecture 3: Quadrants Lecture 4: Trigonometric Functions of Compound Angles Lecture 5: Sum and Difference of Two Angles Lecture 6: Trigonometric Ratios of Multiple and Sub-Multiple Angles Lecture 7: Identities of Trigonometric Functions Lecture 8: Graphs of Trigonometric Functions PART B: TRIGONOMETRIC EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES Lecture 1: Trigonometric Equations PART C: PROPERTIE...


1. Given that √5 = 2.236, evaluate 3 2√5 (a) 0.7608 (b) 0.6708 (c) 0.8076 (d) 0.7806 2. Simplify 4!4! 2!2!2! (a) 2! (b) 4! (c) 3 x 4! (d) 4 x 4! 3. Find the number of ways of arranging the word MATHEMATICS (a) 4989600 (b) 4898006 (c) 4889006 (d) 4889600 4. A committee consisting of 3 men and 5 women is selected from 5 men and 10 women, find how many ways the committee can be formed (a) 262 (b) 226 (c) 622 (d) 252 5. A school principal and his wife as well as three other teachers are to...

Mat 162 Past Question

MAT 162: Introductory Statistics 2009/2010 Session Examination Questions

Mat 101: Practice Question

TOPICS (PART B) Mathematical Induction Indices, Logarithms and Surds Theory of Quadratic Equations Polynomial Equations and Functions (linear, quadratic & cubic) Rational Functions and Partial Fractions Binomial Theorem and Series


Unit 1 Scalar and vectors – representation of vectors. Unit 2. Definitions of Terms in vector Algebra Unit 3. The triangle and parallelogram law of vector addition Unit 4. The rectangular Unit Vectors. Unit 5. Components of a vector. Unit 6. Collinear vectors Unit 7. Non collinear Vectors. Unit 8. Rectangular Resolution of Vectors. Unit 9. The scalar or Dot Product. Unit 10. Properties of Scalar or Dot products Unit 11. Direction cosines Unit 12. Applications of scalar or dot products Unit ...



MAT 112 compressed

MAT 112 Past Questions Compressed

Higher Engineering Mathematics (Sixth Edition) - Copy

Algebra Partial fractions Logarithms Exponential Hyperbolic functions Arithmetic and geometric progressions The binomial series 8 Maclaurin’s series Solving equations by iterative methods Binary, octal and hexadecimal Introduction to trigonometry Cartesian and polar co-ordinates The circle and its properties Trigonometric waveforms Trigonometric identities and equations The relationship between trigonometric and hyperbolic functions Compound angles Functions and their curve...


Basic Properties of Real Numbers  Basic Properties of Real Numbers Characteristics of Functions Limits Algebra of Limits Algebra of Limits Differentiation Rules for Differentiation I Rules for Differentiation II Further Differentiation Differentiation of Logarithmic Functions and Exponential function Differentiation of Trigonometric 41 Functions Differentiation Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Hyperbolic Functions Curve Sketching Maximum – Minimum and Rate Problems Approximation, Veloci...

Pure Mathematics for Advanced Level

Operations with Real Numbers Finite Sequences and Series The Binomial Theorem Complex Numbers The Quadratic Function and the Quadratic Equation Properties of the Trigonometric Functions Trigonometric Equations The Solution of Triangles The Fundamental Ideas of the Differential Calculus Some Techniques of Differentiation Some Applications of Differentiation The Logarithmic and Exponential Function The Basic Ideas of Integration Some Methods of Integration Some Applications of the Integral Calc...

Forecast the Number of Global Mobile Cellular Subscriptions in the Year 2025 - Internal Assignment (MATH IA)

To forecast the number of global mobile cellular subscriptions in the year 2025 and thus checking the validity of the model obtained by modeling the growth of mobile cellular subscriptions in - India, UK, and Cuba. 

Minimizing The Probability Of Ultimate Ruin By Proportional Reinsurance And Investments

The study was conducted on the topic: Minimizing the Probability of Ultimate Ruin by Proportional Reinsurance and Investments. The purpose of the study was to determine the role of investments in minimizing the probability of ultimate ruin of an insurance company, to assess the impact of proportional reinsurance on the survival of insurance companies as well as to determine the optimal reinsurance percentage b ∈ (0, 1]. The study considered a risk process comprising a diffffusion-pertu...


In this work, we try to analyse the approach of writing a highly reputable published researched work. The concept of research is discussed which includes some technical definitions of research. To further the discussion,  we explain the five main important components of research approach processes which include : introductory part, literature review, methods of analysis,  main result,  discussion,  conclusion, recommendation and finally the references.  Dr. Ekaka-a Enu-Obari N (2018) def...

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