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Factors Influencing The Cost Planning Of A Public Building Project

theimportance of accurate estimate during the early stage of cost planning ofcapital project has been widely recognized for many years. even so, very fewquantitative method are a...

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An Appreciation Of The Economic Basis Of Property Values

for an object to have value it must be scarce inrelative to demand, i.e. it has to be limited in supply relative to its demand,this also applies to the case of properties. if an item is in hig...

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An Assessment Of Land Use Allocation In Dorben Polytechnic (main Campus) Bwari, Abuja

anassessment of land use allocation is a topic chosen from the estate managementfield. the research was conducted mainly to assessed the positive and negativeseffects on land use...

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The Role Of Financial Institutions In Housing Development In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Enugu Metropolis In Enug State)

introduction 1.1 background of the study housing is one of the three basic needs of mankind and it is the most important for the physical survival of man after the provision of food.  d...

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A Critique View Of Compensation Under The Land Us Decree No. 6 Of 1978 (a Case Study Of Harmony Estate Umugchigbo Enugu East Local Government Abakpa Nike Enugu)

In nigeria today, the government and its age ncies require land to carryout its development programs and due to the sentiment attached to land voluntary transfer of land by individual to the g...

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The Effect Of Slum On Property Values (a Case Study Aguowa In Enugu, Enugu State)

The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the effects of slum on property values at aguowa via trans-ekulu and confirm that slum was responsible for the low property value in the area. the s...

Premium 69 pages 9016 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Effect Of Commercial Land Use On And Value A Case Study Of Ogui Urban

Land use can be described as a way, manner or older in which land is used by people in an area for different purposes. commercial land itself is one set aside the local authority for legal eco...

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An Evaluation Of Property Rating Practice In Nigeria

1.1  background to the studyit was in 1987, inthe wake of some well publicized research works by actuaries hager and lord thatdrivers jonas first sponsored investment property databan...

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Environmental Impact Assessment General Procedures

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can broadly be defined as a study of the effects of a proposed project, plan or program on the environment. The legal, methodological and procedural foundations...

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An Examination Of The Effect Of Location On The Value Of Residential Properties In Egbu/emekuku Areas Of Owerri Capital Territory, Imo State, Nigeria

this study examined, by means of primary and secondarysources, an examination of the effect of location on the value of residential propertiesin egbu/emekuku areas of owerri capital te...

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