A Conceptual Study of Omni-Channel Buying Behavior


It is very important to understand the psychology and behavior of the customer for preferring the channels for buying products, but very little researches are carried out for distribution channels for necessary articles and accessories in Indian contests. The number of purchase and orientation channels has increased, challenges in the retail sector have also increased, so there is a need to study the Omni-channel buying behavior of customers. It is a big challenge to understand the behavior of customers who can shop anytime and anywhere. It is very important to study how demographic and personality factors are affecting the preference or selection of distribution channels for products. The purpose of the research is to study customers from which socioeconomic class prefers which channel of distribution, single, multi, cross, or Omni-channel. Also, we can study the personality-wise preference of channel. This study will be helpful for developing the strategies for the distribution channels.

Key Words: Buying Behavior, Distribution Channel, Omnichannel, Physical Distribution



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