A Fleet Information Management System


In urban transportation or freight distribution, the use of an initial distribution plan, although necessary, is by no means sufficient to address unexpected events such as mechanical failures, vehicle breakdown, total loss of transaction records that are likely to occur during delivery execution and may have adverse effects on system performance. These events cause deviations between the actual and desired state during the execution of the schedule or even after the schedule. Recent advances in information communication and mobile technologies allowed the development of fleet management systems that enable freight carriers or other company vehicles to monitor their fleet, manage their fleet effectively and improve relevant delivery performance. Although the use of such technologies support better utilization of the vehicles’ fleet, the systems based on these technologies are not typically designed to address unforeseen events in a systematic fashion. As a result, interventions are often performed manually and the resulting decisions are local with limited effectiveness. This study developed a supporting system through the design and implementation of a web based fleet management system in the aspect of data handling and information processing. This web based fleet management system keeps track of the information about the vehicles, user’s, vendors and the parts .It also keeps track of the maintenance performed for different vehicles which are used for transportation. Methodology that was used in this project was the structured system analysis and design methodology (ssadm) because It uses diagrammatic and step-wise technique to give a more precise (structured) definition that is understandable by both users and developers which interprets the system concepts into data flow diagrams. The project was developed with the following tool ,Html, macromedia flash, macromedia dream weaver, Wamp (Apache 2.20).A bundled package of Apache web server,MySQL and PHP, MySQL 5.0, PHP (version 5), A web browser (preferably, Internet Explorer 6 or higher). Problems solved in this project are , to allow a new user create an online account and also log-in from any point and book for seat reservation, to allow a user print out receipt for reservation made and to provide receipt verification system that confirms a user for the reservation made. On the part of the company, provide prompt and reliable information storage, querying and retrieval system, which makes it easy to do the following, To provide a module that provides an easy check on the history, current status and schedule maintenance of each vehicle, to provide a computerized update system which updates any service (repair, inspection, and user-defined maintenance cycle) performed on a vehicle. Results obtained after the system was tested by checking in certain input values into the different modules which were built depending on their functions. For instance, a passenger’s data (name, address, e-mail address, and password) was inputted in the passengers’ module to test if a passenger can be able to create an account, and the purposed result was obtained. Some other tests were also carried out (vehicle registration, route management, seat reservation verification etc.) and the corresponding results were also got. 

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