A Re-Engineering In Database Optimization And Migration


This study focuses on a model for reengineering and optimization of legacy file database which are in decay and have faced mutilation in most institutions and organizations in Nigeria. The model provides a systematic method to optimize a legacy file using open source database management system software which transforms the optimized data into digital format which now can be migrated using a designed network platform on a fiber optics backbone. This study is therefore necessitated by the need to find solution to the increasing internal stock of decaying files of institutions and so many organizations which should have been used to provide services and payments which have become constraining factor to economic growth of this nation. Another purpose of this project is to help a growing company reform their static information system to a dynamic system compatible with growth. In this thesis, I employed the Pattern Generic approach of database optimization and strategies which proposes elaborate migration workflow for this research. The patterns provide ample literature on the legacy file system optimization and migrations. It enables and facilitates the migration of relational database system by open source software to object oriented database management system. The digitalized data now can be migrated from the base station office to the distribution stations and accessed as specified in my design. Based on this fact Pattern Bridge the large semantic gap between the new object model and the legacy database model which exists when optimizing existing legacy database system or constructing a new one on top of relational data base. I recommend pattern database optimization to resolve this mismatch. It is able to control all optimized new open source databases, improve the management of the database and readily make data available for migration This research is therefore of significance as it has developed a model which can be used to optimize legacy file system which are in static state to dynamic states and in digitalized format which before now impacted negatively on our economic growth. 

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