A Study Of Its Forhation Aiid Relations Hith Its Neighbours


The state of Nkoransa was founded in the 1720's by migrants from the Kumase area. It was carved out of the territory of the Bono-Takyiman Kingdom after the destruction of that kingdom in 1722/23 by the Asante. The nature of the political, social and economic institutions which evolved in the Nkoransa state was determined by the circumstances out of which the state emerged, the general developments within the state and external influences in the course of time. Fundamentally, the ruling lineage of Nkoransa adopted the Asante system of government. But to promote unity and stability the immigrant rulers actively involved the indigenous peoples in the political administration. The social institutions which emerged in Nkoransa were, in essence, the result of a fusion of the values, customs and practices of both the Asante immigrants and their Bono sUbjects. This blend resulted in the sUbmergence of distinctions between the way of life of the ruling class and that of their sUbordinates. Ultimately, the Nkoransa people came to assume a Bono identity, the origin of the state's founders notwithstanding. Nkoransa's economy hinged on agriculture. However, trading became a very important activity from the second half of the nineteenth century when Kintampo emerged as the most important commercial centre in northern Ghana, after the decline of Salaga. During the last quarter of that century, the state became the main centre of the kola trade in Ghana. Besides kola, rubber, gold, ivory and slaves were also important commodities traded in on the Kintampo market. From the time of its creation until 1874, relations between Nkoransa and its northern and western neighbours tended to be hostile, while those with the states to its east and with Asante I,ere cordial. This trend of Nkoransa' s foreign relations was basically the result of her active involvement in Asante' s northward expansion as from the eighteenth century when Asante was particularly aggressive in the area to the north-west, of which Nkoransa formed a Dart. After the British defeat of Asante in 1874 the nature of Nkoransa I s external relations altered radically. The change was due to the post - 1874 Anglo-Asante rivalry in northern Ghana. Asante was determined to revive its disintegrated northern empire which followed its 1874 defeat and to regain full control over the north-south trade. Nkoransa was expected to playa leading role in that exercise. On the other hand, the British were resolved to end all Asante political and economic domination here. To acilieve these objectives it became necessary for the British to first gain control over Nkoransa. From the late 1870's Nkoransa began to drift away from total allegiance to Asante and to draw closer to the Eastern Brong states which had asserted their independence from Kumase in 1874 and had come together to form a defensive alliance under the protection of the British. Nkoransa I s move towards this alliance was seen by the Asante as posing a serious threat to their policy of reconstruction. Consequently, Nkoransa came under Asante attack in 1892 and 1893. Though Nkoransa was defeated, British intervention prevented.Asante from re-establishing its domination over the state. In the late 1390's the government in Nkoransa became split over the issue of "lhether to serve the British or the Asante. Ultimately, Nkoransa decided to remain loyal to the British.

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