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This study examined the use of acceptance sampling technique as an efficient tool for quality assurance in deciding whether a given lot of product is to be accepted or rejected in the market. This study designed two single sampling plans with a sample size of 125 from a lot of size 1350 bread loaves and an allowable number of defectives as 4 and 6 (i.e. c=4 and 6). The result indicated that the probability of rejecting the manufacturers’ product of good quality by the consumers is about 0.371 (producers risk, α=0.371) with the first plan of c = 4. However, the second plan proved more efficient in controlling quality in the industry with c = 6, the producers risk, α=0.235 with the least average total inspection value.  The continuous improvement and review of acceptance sampling plan is important to improve the products quality and ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Acceptance sampling, Decision making, Producer’s risk, Consumer’s risk


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