A Study On The Promotion Process Of Cutix Plc, Nnewi In Anambra State

This research work was conducted on “A study on the promotion process of Cutix Plc Nnewi in Anambra state”. The study came about as a result of the researchers quest to know the criteria as well as the promotion process in cutix plc its dependability acceptability ad its ability to motivate the worker and to help the management in attaining its goals and objectives as regards to promotional and direct interviews were used, also related literature text books journals internal articles etc. were reviewed, organized presented and analyzed using tables frequencies and percentages. Based on the data analyzed, the researcher was able to make the following reliable findings:
-That cutix Plc in offering jobs and promotion do not discriminate either in sex, marital status or races.
-That promotion and watches were given based on ones performance and achievements not withstanding sex or favouritism.
-That the workers are comfortable with the process in the use because it is clearly stated and documented. The researcher also proffered the following helpful recommendation.
-The human resource manager should try and find out why some of the staff are not satisfied with the promotion process.     
-The management should also try to device means of motivating the unskilled labour force.
-The management under the human resource management should find out the reason why some workers feel that the process in not all that reliable and address the issue for more productivity.

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1.1Background of the study  
1.2Statement of the problem 
1.3Purpose of the study 
1.4Research question 
1.5Research hypothesis 
1.6Significance of the study 
1.7Scope of the study 
1.8Limitation of the study 
1.9Definition of terms 

2.1Company profile (History)
2.2Recruitment/selection process of cutix
2.3promotion defined 
2.4Types of promotion 
2.5Importance of promotion 
2.6Promotion process defined 
2.7importance of promotion process 
2.8promotion process/criteria for promotion of cutix Plc.

3.1Research design 
3.2area of the study 
3.3Population of the study 
3.4Instrument of data collection 
3.5Validation of the instrument
3.6Reliability of the instrument 
3.7Method of data collection 
3.8Method of data analysis 

4.1Presentation analysis 
4.2summary of findings (results)

5.1Discussion of result 
5.2Implication of the research findings 
5.4Suggestion for further findings 
Appendix I 
Appendix II 

For many years organizations, government parastatals as well as private companies has been faced with the problem of motivation of workers and how to induce them so that they can put in their best in their jobs in order that the organization will attain its objectives and satisfy the objective of the employees as well. 
Many methods have been used for this purpose like on the job training, development of the workers, extrinsic as well as intrinsic rewards.
It has been realized that workers morale is boosted when their reward is commensurate with their effort which comes inform of additional responsibility given to them just as the saying “the reward for a good job is extra job”. 
It is then, this reward which comes as a result of additional pay and responsibilities that is referred to as promotion.
People get promoted from one job to another or from rank to the other because they are seen as having the ability to shoulder the responsibility excellently, knowing fully well that they are capable of handling and delivering as at when due.
When as worker is promoted it means advancement in terms of pay and status and also improvement in their working conditions. Often workers are promoted by increasing their scale of their pay without changing job, this is called up gradation or higher position can be given without change in salary it is known as day promotion though hey a both used by management to increase the morale of employee.  
Promotions are used for the sole aim of filling the positions which are more important to fill father than the present position of the employee. It can be filled by external recruitment but employee having eligibility and experience must be appointed for this serves as motivation which inturn helps in the decrease of labour turnover, increment of staffs status and salary and also job satisfaction.
Often than not promotion which suppose to be a motivation tool becomes a demotivation tool because of the problem of administration. It is in the bid to put into light why such exists that gives rise to the problem at hand, “the promotion process of cutix Plc Nnewi.
Many companies, government establishments as well as individual organizations engage in one promotion process or the other, which they follow in handling their promotion issues.    
In this light, cutix plc is not left out in this act of setting up a promotion process that guides the company as regards to their promotion which helps them in determining the terms, conditions as well as the eligibility of employee as it concerns their promotion.
Every labourer deserves his just wages and need to be motivated for job well done. Therefore, the means method procedures and criteria for the reward need to be stated to the employees and inconsistent use so as to adhere the maximum satisfaction of which the method was made for.
Promotion process therefore is a vital process in an organization since it givers a fair and clear treatment to all employees and also put the company in clear light where the employees are concerned.

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