A Term Paper Work On Oko Community In Anambra State


Chapter One 
Organigram of my community (OKO)

Chapter two
Hierarchy of power in Oko Autonomous Community 

Chapter three 
Brief history of my community 

Chapter four
Assessment of festivals and dramas as the medium of rural development 

The name of my community is Oko in Orumba North Local Government Area, Anambra State. Oko has five villages namely:-
Ezioko village Oko
Eziabo village Oko
Okeani village Oko
Ihengwu village Oko
Ifite village Oko
My community has boundaries that is, Neighbouring towns like Isuofia, Igboukwu, Nanka, Ekwuluobia, Amaokpala etc. in my community gully erosion has been one of the major problems Oko people are facing to the extent that, it has rendered  some peoples homeless. In my community Oko, we have king (Igwe) by name H.R.H Igwe LAZARUS EKWUEME
“ Actor” a brother to former vice president of Nigeria in the name of chief Dr Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme. Chief Alex Ekwueme is a prominent man. 
Igwe of my town has cabinets that’s is, those elders that always follow Igwe any where he is going. The Igwe cabinets of town normally wears “Isi Agu” cloth and red cap with feathers on top of the cap. 
The Igwe of my community is person who has a final say in my community Oko a whole. In all the five villages in my community we have “Council of Elders” (Ndi ichie) followed by Ndi Nzena Ozo. The council of elders of my commuity (Ndi Ichie) are the heads of each “kindreds “ of every village that is in my community, and in each kindred we have Umunna, umuada, ndi inyomona, umuaghobia etc. in my community,   the Nze na Ozo chieftarcy title is giving to any person that wants to join the society including boys as from the age of 15years and above”. We also have   town crier in my community whose job, is to be making announcement anytime Igwe want to see everybody at the civic center hall Oko.
In my village Eziabo, we have village square (Obu) where all the people from my kindred gathers to celebrate their new yam festival precisely October of every year. In my community Oko both Roman catholic and Anglican churches have chief priests. 
In my community, there are laid down rules that has been in existence even before we were born namely:-
In my community, we don’t kill/eat python.

(Eke), anyperson that kills the python unknowingly must give the python a befitting burial.
i.We don’t eat all these white small snail (mbeneochwa) anyone who eats it will be salivating.
ii.In my community Oko, ladies don’t climb palm trees and kolanut tree. 
iii.In my community Oko, girls don’t put hands at Akmbo when watching masquerades and they dent follow masquerade for any reason.
Furthermore, in my community Oko, we have institution like federal polythenic Oko, primary schools and we have chuches like roman catholic church, Pentecostal, deeper life and Anglican church to mention but a few. We also have hospital, market square, town hall (civic center), recreational centers, community center etc.
My community OKo has one company that produces Royal malt drinks before but now, the company has folded up because of bad management of manager who manages the company. 
Finally, my community Oko is well known for motor business transport known as (Oko youth transport company).

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