Pokhara - A Visit Again Destination

A simple research on Pokhara - A Visit Again Destination Submitted by Grade-XI Tourism and Mountaineering Batch-2079-81 Pokhara – A visit again destination among tourists


It is a known fact that everyone has a desire to travel to a certain place for atleast once during their life. Visiting a country more than once is not usual forevery destination. The budget, safety, experience are some key components thatdecide their interest to revisit a destination. As Nepal is country that attracts a large number of tourists who loves to indulge in adventure tourism (trekking, rafting, paragliding), Cultural tourism, Nature Based tourism, pleasure tourismand so on, the research aims at extracting the possible outcome weather atourist will re-visit Nepal especially Pokhara. Other elements like the choice ofaccommodation, duration of stay, Average spending per day etc were also thepart of the research that we intended to and the answers for.

This research also aimed at student’s point of interest as they will have an opportunity to interactwith foreigners and communicate with them with an ease. Pokhara being one of the most happening places of visit for the tourist, has been chosen as the study site.

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