The study was conducted to determine the abundance of mosquito species within Sokoto metropolis. Three (3) locations, which are Danbuwa, Gobirawa and GidanIgwai, in three (3) Local Government Areas, namely; DangeShuni, Sokoto South and Sokoto North Local Government Areas respectively, were sampled out of the five (5) Local Government Areas that make up Sokoto Metropolis were sampled. A total of 341 Mosquitoes species belonging to two genera were collected. The genera identified are Anopheles and Culex. The number of Culex and Anopheles were 213(62.5%) and 128(37.5%) respectively, showing a significant difference between the two genera. The total number of males was 194, representing 56.9% of the sample and a total number of females was 147, representing 43.1% of the total sample, showing a significant difference between the gender (P >0.05). The total number of the engorged Mosquitoes collected were 57, representing 39% of the total sample, while the total number of the not engorged mosquitoes collected were 90, representing 61% of the total sample collected. There was no significant difference between the engorged and the not engorged mosquitoes P

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