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Business today operates in a global environment. The flow of goods and services along the logistics chain in the port industry is critical for the survival of businesses. The study was based on the Analysis of the Supply Chain Security in Tema Port. The main objective of the study was to assess the applicability of some of the selected Supply Chain Security Programs in Tema Port.

A number of Supply chain security programs were reviewed and one of these were identified as the ISPS Code which Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority is a signatory to, Ninety five (95) respondents were selected out of the population of one hundred and ninety (190) which encapsulated GPHA, CEPS and Importers/Exporters/Clearing and Forwarding Agents. Stratified sampling strategy was adopted. Questionnaires were administered in addition to on-site observations from the berthing of a vessel to the delivery of cargo to the customer. Questions administered were analyzed using tables, pie charts and graphs.

General findings covered security and safety of vessel at anchorage, vessels at quay, devanning of cargo and access control systems in the port. It was discovered that there is a significant level of security and safety in the areas enumerated above and some huge investment have been made by GPHA in the acquisition of patrol boats , mobile cranes and reach stackers to protect our territorial waters, discharge and devan of cargo safely respectively. . It was also discovered that Tema Port had gone through various reforms especially in the advancement of Information Technology systems through the introduction of Automatic Ship Identification System, Vessel Tracking Management System, Optical Character Recognition and other Information Technology Systems which promises to inject efficiency and ensure the security and safety of cargo. These interventions were considered to be in line with compliance to the ISPS Code.

It was recommended that Tema Port measures its ISPS Code compliance level with the levels prescribed in the Code and ensures its full compliance. The display of the port security and safety level at conspicuous areas in the port was suggested. It was also recommended that, the port should embark on serious campaign to educate port users on strategies employed to achieve full compliance with the ISPS Code.

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