Analysis Of The Literary Works Of Umar Krachie


The study examined the poetic output of a prominent Ghanaian Muslim scholar, known as Sheikh Umar bin Abu Bakr Krachie (1850-1934 AD), who wrote extensively between the late 19th and 20th centuries. The object of the study was to bring to light the primary features of Umar's poems across the major poetic genres, and to highlight some of the artistic features embedded in a selective sample of his poetic and prose works. 

In order to accomplish the aforementioned goals, the study combined historical and descriptive analysis approaches: the former facilitated the acquisition of historical data on Umar's life, as well as some insights into the occasions of his poetic works, while the latter was chiefly used in the description and analysis of Umar's work. Among others, the study revealed the following:

1. Umar's contribution towards to Arabic-Islamic scholarship as at his life-time, had no parallel in Ghana. 2. Beside his prose work on letter writing published in Egypt in 1879, most of his productions are poems of varying themes. 3. He wrote on very pressing and timely occasions such as the devastating impacts of the colonial powers on West Africa. 4. While most of his poetic works across the major genres are in Arabic, he has written a few works in Hausa worthy of note. 5. Apart from a few instances, his poems are characterized by its simplicity; both in terms of thoughts and expressions, and are often devoid of wild imaginations. 6. Umar seemed quite drawn to figures of speech such as assonance, alliteration, and pun, which only beautify poems, but barely contribute in terms of elaboration of thought.

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