Assessing the Influence of the Republic of South Africa in BRICS, 2010-2019


Bilateral and multilateral blocs play a fundamental role in advancing economic, political and socio-cultural integration among member nations. In this regard. BRICS was formed mainly on an economic theme. In Africa. South Africa is the only member of the BRICS. Some of the reasons of the country joining the bloc were prospects of enhancing global trade and market access, foreign direct investment and to increase its bargaining power. This study interrogated why South Africa was motivated to join the BRICS, its influence on BRICS economic and political cooperation, and also the effect of its membership to BRICS on its international economic and political standing. The fact that Brazil. Russia. India China and South Africa are hegemonies in their own rights informs the reason why this study centered on South Africa within the BRICS. The scope was delimited to the period between 2010 and 2019 given that it is the duration which South Africa has been a member of the BRICS. The study was guided by realism_ liberalism and interdependency theories which have been reviewed and discussed in the context of South Africa and the BRICS. Past empirical studies on South Africa and BRICS have been reviewed. A cross-sectional survey and historical research designs were adopted. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were employed. The target population included staff working with the South Africa's High Commission to Kenya, experts on BRICS, think tanks within South Africa on international relations. BRICS Secretariat in South Africa and trade policy personnel in SA. Purposeful and simple random sampling techniques were used to draw respondents from the target population. Primary data was collected using semi-structured questionnaires while a tabulated checklist was used in collecting secondary data. Quantitative data collected using questionnaires were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The primary data was analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Secondary data, which was qualitative, was analyzed using content analysis. The results of the analysis were presented in form of tables and narration. Pertinent ethical issues were considered during the entire research period. The study found that there were various motivations why SA joined the BRICS. These included prospects of increasing its international trade, international economic growth, and widening the market for its exports besides having a greater voice on global issues. South Africa was revealed to have significantly impacted on economic cooperation within BRICS member nations and beyond. Possibly for being a lesser country politically, economically and population-wise, SA was found to be treated with less significance within the BRICS from both economic and political perspectives. Since joining the BRICS. SA's political and socio-economic standing at international level was elevated. South Africa had witnessed increased trade and exports within the BRICS and internationally since joining the elite bloc. The study recommends that SA should strive to draw more benefits from being a member of the BRICS. It is recommended that SA should play a leading or a more conspicuous role on both economic and political fronts. In order to have a more affirmative economic and political standing. South Africa ought to look beyond being a regional hegemon and instead focus on the international arena through such blocs as the BRICS whose backing is invaluable on the global stage.
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