Assessment of New Communication and Information Technology in Radio Broadcasting: A Study of Brc and Frcn Bauchi.

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Title Page                                                                                                                   i

Certification                                                                                                               ii

Dedication                                                                                                                  iii

Acknowledgments                                                                                                      iv

Table of Contents                                                                                                       v           

List of Tables                                                                                                              vi

Abstract                                                                                                                      vii


1.1  Background to the  Study                                                                                     1

1.2 Statement of Problem                                                                                           3            

1.3 Objectives of the Study                                                                                        5

1.4 Research Questions                                                                                              5           

1.5 Significance of the Stud                                                                                       6           

1.6 Scope of the Study                                                                                                6           

1.7 Operational Definitions of Term                                                                          7


2.1 Theoretical Framework                                                                                          9

2.1.1 The Technological Determinism Theory                                                             9

2.1.2 Diffusion of Innovations Theory                                                                          9

2.2. Conceptual Review                                                                                                13

2.2.1 Concepts of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)                   13

2.2.2 Development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)            16

2.2.3 Radio Broadcasting                                                                                              19

2.2.4 The Evolution of Broadcasting in Nigeria                                                            21

2.2.5 Challenges of New Media Technologies in the Nigerian Broadcast Industry     23

2.2.6    History of Electronic Media in Nigeria                                                               25

2.2.7 Brief History of FRCN and BRC Bauchi                                                               26 History of FRCN                                                                                                 26 History of BRC                                                                                                     28

2.3 Empirical Review                                                                                                       28



3.1 Research Method                                                                                                         32

3.2 Population of the Study                                                                                               32

3.3 Sample size and sampling techniques                                                                          32

3.4 Research instrument                                                                                                    33

3.5 Validity of research instruments                                                                                 33

3.6 Reliability of the instrument                                                                                   34

3.7 Method of Administration of Research Instrument                                                34

3.8 Method of Data Analysis                                                                                        35



4.1 Discussion of Findings                                                                                            36                   


5.1 Limitation                                                                                                                49

5.2 Summary                                                                                                                 49

5.3 Conclusion                                                                                                               50

5.4 Recommendation                                                                                                    51      References                                                                                                              52



TABLE 1: Which of the new media technology do you have access to in your office     37

TABLE 2: how many of the new media technology can you operate efficiently             37

TABLE 3: how has the use of new media technology contributed to the success of your job                                                                                                                                                           38

TABLE 4: what type of studio does your station operate with                                          39

TABLE 5: How often do you make use of the internet in your office                              39

TABLE 6: What are staff attitude to the use of these new media technologies                40

TABLE 7: What are the factors responsible for the station level of ICT application        41

TABLE 8: What are the implications of the present level of ICT                                      42

TABLE 9: What measures have been put in place by your organization to expose members of staff to advancements in new media technologies in order to meet the challenges of modern broadcasting                                                                                                                               43

TABLE 10: Gender distribution of respondents                                                                 44

TABLE11: Age distribution of respondents                                                                       44

TABLE 12: Educational qualification distribution of respondents                                    45

TABLE 13: Marital status distribution of respondents                                                       45

TABLE 14: Name of radio station                                                                                      46

TABLE 15: Length of service with your organization                                                       46






The role of information communication technologies cannot be over emphasized. This is because information and communication technologies have made it possible for dissemination of information evenly and to a wide range of audience. The study therefore seeks to find out the level of application of ICTs in FRCN Bauchi and BRC Bauchi respectively. The study is anchored on the technological determinism and diffusion of innovation theory. The study adopted survey research design and Questionnaire was the basic instrument used for the study The findings of this study shows that the level of application of new information and communication technology in the two radio stations studied was not impressive because of the following reasons: the two radio stations are still operating on analogue, also  the staffers of the two radio stations do not have enough access to new communication technologies and cannot operate same and where they do; they only have access to and operate computer and internet. Although, the findings show that respondents agree to the importance of new information and communication technologies but they do not use the internet every day. The study recommends that in order to completely eliminate ICT illiteracy among broadcasters, the government of Bauchi State should make Information Technology literacy training a mandatory course in every media houses.


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