AutoCAD design

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Creativity is one of the most important characteristics of man and most professions use this creativity in making designs and models and check its performance before building. In making designs and models, AutoCAD is one of the most important Softwares used in achieving this.
In the world of design, one of the most useful software used is AutoCAD. It is a Commercial Aid Design (CAD) and software application. It has become so relevant in today's markets that it is being used by Engineers, Architects, Project
managers and many other professionals.
This Software has been in existence since 1977 and the first version began was in 1982 and it has developed through the years and now we have the 32nd release called AutoCAD 2018 and that is the version we shall be working on. So, get your AutoCAD 2018 installed in your computer now.

▪ Understanding Model Space
exploring the AutoCAD working environment
▪ Accessing AutoCAD Tools
Find, locate source tools and how to activate the tools for use
▪ Dockable Palettes
Exposure to the various palettes (such as drawing properties etc) available and how to use the various items listed in them.
▪ Monitoring the Status Bar
Getting to know how the modes of the drawing environment are manipulated.
▪ Understanding AutoCAD commands
Know the various AutoCAD commands, what they are used to achieve and how to
execute them.
▪ Customizing AutoCAD preferences and sourcing help
Learn to Apply Scroll and Rollover Tool Tips
▪ Accessing help
Knowing how to get both offline and online help whilst producing your drawings.
▪ Saving a workspace
Know how to save a completed work with an assigned name for later reference.
▪ Opening AutoCAD Drawing
Understand How to Open a Drawing
▪ Using the Mouse
Know How to Make Windows Selection and Window Crossing
▪ Zooming and Panning
Know How to Zoom and Pan Drawings
▪ Working in a Multiple-Document Environment
Know How to Share Contents between Drawings
▪ Saving Drawings
Understand Saving Formats
▪ Saving Time With Template
Save Time Using Existing Templates
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