Basic Forensic Intelligence

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Chapter One            -          Poem Of Three Stanzas For Motivation

Chapter Two           -           Blending Types Of Thinking Into Investigation Process

Chapter Three        -            Why The Study Of Forensic Important

Chapter Four          -           State Of Creativity In Investigation

Chapter Five            -          The Battlefield Of The Forensic Expert In Investigation

Chapter Six              -           Role Of Forensic Scientist To The Court

Chapter Seven        -           Using Forensic Intelligence Approach To Fight Crime

Chapter Eight         -                Forensic Evidence

Chapter Nine          -                Understanding Professional Fields In Forensic Studies


This publication is designed to provide basic intelligence information in regard on how to become forensic expert.

Basic Forensic intelligence is a tool one who desire to be Forensic expert must read. the world has come of age where technology advancement facilitate criminal activities, as the investor busy ranking their brains on what next to bring into existence new technology that would help people in their today-to-today activities of life; self or group motivated criminal on the other side also ranking their brains on how to take advantage of the new technology and commit surprise crime that will lead to tough investigation.

Forensic investigation is an investigation that involves scientific approach because criminal investigation as matter of concern has been described as a multi-faceted, problem solving challenge. It is not an ordinary task that demand just simply analysis, it involve mastermind, the ability to think out of the box.  Like popular verse in the bible that say, “…once of HE spoke; twice of I heard…” that means, in investigation, ability of an investigating officer to listen to both the mouth that speaks, and the voice in the heart that tells the mouth what to say.

The study of Forensic Science simply defined as the application of science to the law or legal matters but in idiomatic express, one would defines it as a study that teaches one on how to “Listen to the dead person”. lying down critical foundations on how both crime science and crime victims can provide one with clues as to what happened, how it happened, when it  happen and who did it. Forensics involves the application of knowledge and technology from different scientific disciplines in jurisprudence. These are, for example, pharmacy, chemistry, biology and other science fields, and each of them applies in the present, increasingly complex legal proceedings in which the required knowledge and skills of experts from these areas to prove offenses. The study of forensic Science is not just about murder investigation, it is a study that also create platform to acquires skills on how to using investigative thinking determine how crime possibly committed.

BASIC FORENSIC INTELLIGENCE covers the basic knowledge that will help investigative officers in investigation processes to focus on facts and as well maintain the knowledge of introspection, which is the process of observing the operations of one’s own mind with a view to discovering the laws that govern the mind. The first step in any investigation is the gathering of evidence and forensic investigations are not different. The ability to generate intelligence evidence involves a process with forensic approach. To stand out as forensic investigating officer or forensic technician, one must acquires the ability of forensic intelligence which focuses on the principles aim to mitigate the level of injustice, persecution of the right person and proffer solution that would eliminate the chance of repeating the crime.

The book also discusses some of the battlefield of forensic expert; the challenge investigating officer encounter at the cause of carrying out their duty. It could be government regulation, economic hardship, so on; so forth. With this book, an investigating officer would develop forensic mind-set if she/he have made up of his/her mind to choose a career in any forensic field, this is just a tip of an iceberg, it is preparatory phase and it aims to reset the mindset of the personnel or anyone wishes to take career in forensic field, also it is a study that could one promotion in his/her already choosing career.

Criminal court looks up to forensic experts in these modern days to avoid error in judgment.

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