Buyer-supplier relationship

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The study was carried out to investigate how Buyer-supplier 

relationship can be used as a tool to enhance procurement process using Procter 

and Gamble Oyo state, Nigeria as the case study.

Buyer-supplier relationship has been sighted by many organizations in need 

to ally their strategic decision with a key supplier, incorporating such vital supplier 

into their daily operations.

These help by enhancing the performance of the procurement processes. 

Buyer-supplier relationship in this study has made the researcher to understand 

various types of transaction mode, means and how such relationship does exist.

Further study show series of element in which enable buyer-supplier 

relationship is developed, to what extent in which supplier is rated and given 

addition development so as to become more effective and efficiency and 

consequences involved in the relationship.

In all these view, this study went further to examine the performance in 

which buyer-supplier relationship can perform and having a clear understanding 

in which shared valued in gained, the level of buyer’s satisfaction can be attained 

and also the level of information flow between the buyer and the supplier.

After making critical examinations, certain findings came to light and these 

findings resulted to recommendations in which the researcher proposed to the 

study of Procter and Gamble, Oyo state, Nigeria.

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