Community conflict paper 4

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Conflict is a major impediment of any community development. However, its occurrence is
inevitable and requires serious attention from relevant stakeholders. This study focused on the
effects of community conflicts on rural economic activities in Osun State, Nigeria. It specifically
unveiled the socio-economic characteristics of the respondents; identified the causes of conflict
in the study area; determined the effects of conflicts on the economic activities and identified
the strategies adopted in resolving the conflicts. Ninety community members were randomly
sampled and interviewed. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected using interview
schedule and Key Informant Interview respectively. Data were analysed using appropriate
descriptive and inferential statistical tools. The results showed that majority (77.6%) of the
respondents were married with the mean age of 43.7 years and above half (52.6%) were males
with the mean years of schooling of 10.1 years. Boundary dispute (85.5%), political tussle
(82.2%) among community partisans, chieftaincy dispute (77.8%), competition of community
members over limited resources (74.4%) and issues related to payment of tributes (70%) were
the major causes of conflict. The effects of conflicts identified include loss of properties
(mean=2.23), reduction in income (mean=2.23), disruption of economic activities (mean=2.22)
and loss of employment (mean=2.10) among others. The study concluded that preventive
measures against future conflict such as advocacy for tolerance and sensitivity of government
to people’s needs should be put in place to enhance sustainable development.

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