Community influence

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The paper assessed communal influence on land accessibility among rural farmers in Osun State. It specifically
described socio-economic characteristics of land users; determined the level of land accessibility; and examined
influence of community (roles of traditional authorities, community beliefs and cultural taboos) on land
accessibility. A multistage stage sampling procedure was used to select the respondents. Data were collected from
260 respondents using structured interview schedule and key informant interview which were validated and pretested.
Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistical tool such as frequency counts, percentages, mean
and standard deviation while correlation analysis was used to make deduction. Results showed that majority
(82.7% and 86.2%) were male and married, respectively. The mean year of residence was 43.08 ± 18.33 years.
Majority gained access to land through inheritance while more than half had moderate access to land. Settlement of
land dispute and withdrawal of use rights of defaulting tenants were the major roles of traditional authorities, while
most popular community beliefs among the respondents is that non-indigenes in their communities can have access
to land for farming. Further results showed that roles of traditional authorities (r =0.329; p≤ 0.05) had positive and
significant relationship with land accessibility. The study recommended that traditional and community leaders
should be adequately recognised in making any policy decision on land matters, particularly in rural communities,
so as to enhance meaningful agricultural development and rural enterprises.

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