Youth and Water Security in Africa

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Developing nations have been confronted by a myriad of quagmires that have undermined development and growth. Nigeria and Zimbabwe have not been spared. Though the quandaries faced by these nations are many, hunger and poverty surpasses them all as their inimical and malevolent effects undermine the development of the much needed human capital. To this end, this research paper interrogates the role which water education can play in attaining water security, which is a prerequisite for growth and development. Cognizant of gender discrepancies across the continent, the study adopts a gender-sensitive and mainstreaming analysis that sought to speak to the marginalized and vulnerable women. The paper acknowledges that while youth are neglected, careful consideration has to be given to women who have been reduced to the occupancy of unpaid care yet they also have the potential to drive change in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and the rest of the continent. Through water education, youths in Nigeria and Zimbabwe can be the missing link in development and the attainment of a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for example no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth. Water security will play a significant role in allowing youth to fight for their space in the economic development of their nations by implementing various projects such as fish farming, horticulture, and vermiculture culminating in the establishment of sustainable cities and communities that embrace bio-diversity. This paper addresses the following research questions using Bandura's Social Learning Theory: What is the impact of water education and security on youth initiatives in Nigeria and Zimbabwe? Does water availability capacitate youths and bring development in Nigeria and Zimbabwe? What challenges do youth encounter in harnessing water projects in Nigeria and Zimbabwe? What recommendations would address these challenges?

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