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Corporate governance failures globally in the last decade as well as the financial crisis worldwide have mounted strong pressure on the board of various organizations to live up to their responsibilities and roles. In Ghana, a number of cases have been recorded as the failure of board members to carry out their responsibilities (for example, Capital Bank and UT Bank). Boards have been faulted for lack of vigilant oversight functions, the relinquishing of control to corporate managers who had pursue their interest as we as the lack of accountability to its stakeholders. The study sort to investigate the influence of board composition on the performance of the board. The information from the organization was sort through unstructured interview. The researchers encourage the board members and the workers at the organization to uphold good corporate governance practices as this has been missing in most government institutions and agencies as well as commissions. The board is also advised to appoint its members to head the various committees for effective monitoring. The diversity of the board is also a major concern to the researchers as it is the only remedy to the numerous challenges facing the board and their performance. The forestry commission Act (Act 571) must always be adhered to in appointing members of the board and must also be amended to contain specific criteria for appointing the CEO and the board chairman. The board is also advised to periodically undergo training on good corporate governance practices. The study again recommended that, positions to the board of the SOEs should be announced in public with all the requirements so that those who considers him/herself qualified would tender in their application.

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