Configuration of E-health System in Real Time Pandemics

This thesis has been prepared for the interuniversity postgraduate program in Health Care Management and Health Care Informatics. Its purpose is to study the current situation of Pandemic Response Information Systems and to make suggestions for the improvement of the situation by creating a Single Pandemic Response Information System. In the first chapter, the needs and challenges of Health Information Systems are mentioned and a brief analysis of the situation which exists at the global and Greek level is presented. In the second chapter, a bibliographic review is made regarding Health Information Systems for Pandemic Response at the global  and Greek level and there is a comparative study of them. The third chapter presents the case studies of three Greek Pandemic Response Information Systems:, the Vaccination Appointment System and the Vaccination Certificates in Digital Form. Furthermore, the fourth chapter presents the pilot design of an Integrated Pandemic Response System at the Greek level. The need for a single system, as well as its requirements, emerges based on the analysis of the questionnaires completed by ordinary users and by professional users of the Pandemic Response Information Systems. In the fifth and last chapter, the conclusions, challenges, limitations and future goals of the thesis are mentioned.

Keywords: Pandemic Response Information Systems, Covid-19, integrated system



Abstract 2

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Summary 7

Contents 8

List of Images 10

List of Tables 11

List of Charts 13

Table of Acronyms 15

Chapter 1. Introduction 16

1.1. Health Information Systems Needs and Challenges 16

1.1.1. Definitions 16

1.1.2. Features 19

1.1.3. Objectives and Benefits 21

1.1.4. Needs and Challenges 22

1.2. Current Situation in the Global Community 24

1.3. Current Situation in the Greek Community 27

1.4. Offer and Need for Diplomatic Work 30

Chapter 2. Pandemic Response Health Information Systems 31

2.1. Global Pandemic Response Health Information Systems 31

2.2. Pandemic Response Health Information Systems at the Greek Level 34

2.3. Comparative Study 37

Chapter 3. Case Studies of Greek Pandemic Response Health Information Systems 41

3.1. Case study 41

3.1.1. System Need and Offer 41

3.1.2. System Users and Beneficiaries 43

3.1.3. System Usage Diagram 45

3.1.4. Real-Time System Use 46

3.2. Vaccination Appointment System Case Study 50

3.2.1. System Need and Offer 50

3.2.2. System Users and Beneficiaries 51

3.2.3. Immunization Appointment Scheduling System Usage Diagram 52

3.2.4. Real-Time System Use 54

3.3. Case Study of Vaccination Certificates in Electronic Format 61

3.3.1. System Need and Offer 61

3.3.2. Users and Beneficiaries of System 62

3.3.3. Immunization Certificate Issuance System Usage Chart 63

3.3.4. Real-Time System Usage 65

Chapter 4. Pilot Design of a Unified Pandemic Response System at the Greek Level 76

4.1. Need for a Unified System 76

4.2. Pilot Design of a Single System 77

4.2.1. Users and Beneficiaries of the Unified System 79

4.2.2. Unified System Requirements 91

4.2.3. Unified System Mockups 117

Chapter 5. Conclusions 122

5.1. Offer and Conclusions 122

5.2. Challenges and Limitations 124

5.3. Future Goals 125

Bibliography 127

Appendix 132

Questionnaire for Health Professionals 132

Questionnaire for Simple Users PSY 135

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