Contribution of Commercial Bank Towards Development of Agriculture Sector in Nigeria {A Case Study of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc Ilorin}

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This research work is carried out on the contribution of Commercial Bank towards development of Agricultural sector in Nigeria.

          The work is the divided in to five chapters each. Dealing with a unique aspect of the study leading to the other looked at the managerial manner.

Chapter one deals with the statement of the problem, objective of the study, significant of the study, scope and limitation of the study, Research methodology, plan of the study, Definition of terms and the roles of commercial bank in agricultural development. 

Chapter two of the research work critically deals with an overview of the Agricultural sector in Nigeria, Effort Nigeria Agricultural found cooperative bank towards Agricultural financing, problems of finding Agriculture by commercial banks and problems arising from government policies.

Chapter four shows the data presentation and analysis, Data presentation and analysis, Data presentation and analysis of personal data staff, analysis of responses received from bank staff, analysis of the responses to question directed to the customer farms and hypothesis tasting. 

While chapter five deals with finding, summary, conclusion and recommendation.


TITLE PAGE                                                                                          i

CERTIFICATION                                                                                   ii

DEDICATION                                                                                        iii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                                         iv

PROPOSAL                                                                                            vi

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                         vii


1.0        Introduction                                                                                1

1.1     Statement of the Problem                                                           6

1.2     Objective of the study                                                                 7

1.3     Significant of the Study                                                              7

1.4     Scope and Limitation of the Study                                            8

1.5     Research Methodology                                                                9

1.6     Plan of the Study                                                                        9

1.7     Definition of Terms                                                                     10

1.8     The Roles of Commercial Bank in Agricultural Development   11



2.0     Introduction                                                                                15

2.1     An Overview Of The Agricultural Sector In Nigeria                   18

2.2     Effort Nigeria Agricultural Found Cooperative Bank

Towards Agricultural Financing                                                 19

2.3     Problem Of Finding Agriculture By Commercial Banks            20

2.4     Problems Arising From Government Policies                             25



3.1        Historical Background Of Union Bank Plc                                29

3.2        Organization Structure Of Union Bank                                     31

3.3        Research Methodology                                                                31

3.4        Population Sample                                                                     31

3.5        Methods Of Data Collection                                                       32

3.6        Methods of Data Analysis                                                          33

3.7        Limitations To Methodology                                                       34



4.0        Introduction                                                                                36

4.1     Data Presentation and Analysis                                                 36

4.2     Data Presentation and Analysis of Personal Data

of the Bank Staff                                                                         37

4.3     Analysis of Responses Received From Bank Staff                     39

4.4     Analysis of the Responses to Question Directed to the

Customers Farms                                                                       42

4.5     Hypothesis Testing                                                                     48



5.1        Finding                                                                                        52

5.2        Summary                                                                                    53

5.3        Conclusion                                                                                  54

5.4        Recommendation                                                                        55

REFERENCES                                                                 56



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