Corporate Community Crisis in Nigeria

Abstract: So long as human beings live together and pursue different goals in the same environment, conflict of interest must arise. The inability to manage conflict results to crisis. The causes and consequences of crisis can be avoided through dialogue.


In crisis resolution, the main concerns of the arbitrators are the search for peace through proper diagnosis of the causes and there commendation of adequate compensation to victims. This was the case between the Niger-Delta Militants versus the Federal Government of Nigeria, Michelin industries Plc versus Udo community in Edo State, Oghareki community versus Presco Company in Delta State, and the Ogonis versus Shell Development Company in Rivers State. Each of these crises ended on a dialogue table. Unfortunately, history has often repeated itself in this realm of life. Why this?

                To answer this, the crisis between the Oghareki Community and Presco Industries Ltd was studied. A total of 100 persons from both disagreeing parties were interviewed. Causes of the crisis were the exclusion of the youths in the management of the company and the exclusion of the community members from fishing in the river within the company. Unfortunately, the crisis turned a lot of families homeless and company properties destroyed.

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