Design of an IoT Based Smart Switch to Control Home Appliance

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Technology is  a  never-ending process.  This  paper  presents a  low-cost  flexible and reliable home automation system with additional security using ESP32 Development Board, with IP connectivity through local Wi-Fi for accessing and controlling devices by  authorized  user  remotely  using  Android  Smartphone  application.  The  proposed 

system is  server  independent  and  uses  Internet  of  things  to  control  human  desired appliances starting from industrial machine to consumer goods. To demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of this system, in this paper we present a home automation system using Node MCU microcontroller ESP32 as a connectivity module. It has built in Wi-Fi chip which is connect itself with internet via users Wi-Fi router with internet connectivity.  It  has  some  I/O  pins  to  control  input/output  devices  such  as,  push switches, relay module etc. There is a Bluetooth module to communicate locally. This 

Bluetooth module communicate with ESP32 using its serial port. There are 4 channels relay module connected with ESP32 as an output control device, it mainly ON/OFF the load circuit. We used Google Firebase database to store our current status of loads. This 

project helps the user to control various appliances such as light, fan, TV etc. We have tested our system through conducted experiment on various environmental conditions

Table of Content





List of Figures  


Chapter 1: Introduction 

1.1  Introduction 

1.2 Motivation 

1.3 History 

1.4 Problem Definition 

1.5 Objectives of this Project 

1.6 Organization of the Project Report 


Chapter 2: Hardware and Software Description 

2.1 Introduction 

2.2 Block Diagram 

2.3 Required Device and Software 

2.4 Description of the Software 

2.4.1 EasyEDA - Online PCB design & circuit simulator 

2.4.2 Arduino IDE Version 1.8.12 

2.5 Description of the Devices 

2.5.1 ESP32 Development Board 

2.5.2 Bluetooth Module (HC-05) 

2.5.3 Transformer (220V/6V, 600mA) 

2.5.4 Full Wave Rectifier 

2.5.5 Electrolytic Capacitor 

2.5.6 DC-DC Buck Converter 

2.5.7 Relay Module 4 Channel 

2.5.8 Push Button Switch 

2.5.9 Indication LED 

2.5.10 Vero Board 

2.5.11 Female Pin Header 

2.5.12 Power Cord 

2.5.13 Connecting Wires 


Chapter 3: Software Design 

3.1 Installing Software 

3.2 Android App and Circuit Designing 

3.2.1 Android App Design 

3.2.2 Apps Screens after Creation 

3.2 Circuit Diagram  


Chapter 4: Hardware Result 

4.1 Hardware Implementation 

4.2 Result of the Project 

4.3 Operation of the Project 

4.3.1 Powering and interfacing the device 

4.3.2 Control using internet as an IoT device 

4.3.3 Control using Bluetooth as local device 

4.3.4 Control using Manual push switch as local device 


Chapter 5: Conclusion 

5.1 Introduction 

5.2 Limitations of This Project 

5.3 Future Work 

5.4 Conclusion 






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