Determinants Of Malnutrition Amoung Young Ghanaian Women

ABSTRACT The study aimed at exploring the double burden of nutrition being underweight and overweight in Ghana. There have been changes towards increased consumption of processed foods, fast foods, sugary and oily foods, reduction of physical activity and increase in sedentary lifestyle. The associated negative implications are type II diabetes, hypertension and stroke, reduction in labour force, low productivity and increase in health budget. The purpose of the study is to provide information on underweight and overweight among young Ghanaian women which can serve as policy formulation and provide preventive measures that can help reduce the causes of malnutrition and the increasing rate of noncommunicable diseases among women in Ghana. Using GDHS 2008, both bivariate and multivariate analysis was conducted to determine the likelihood of a young woman being underweight, overweight and obese, using socio-demographic factors as independent variables and BMI status as dependent variables. The results show that a young woman‟s probability of being underweight is highest in her teen years (15-19) and when she has not married, whereas a young woman‟s chance of being overweight or obese is highest when she has attained higher level of education. It was concluded that underweight was found to be very common among young rural women, young women with primary and middle/JHS education and among young women between the ages of 15-19 years. Young women with higher education and the richest class are more likely to be overweight and obese. It was recommended that education of nutritional needs for young women in the rural areas should be strengthened especially the need for adequate consumption of balanced diet since it helps supply the necessary nutrients needed in the body.

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