Distributed Database System For Road Safety Information Management


Implementing Distributed Database Management System is often difficult due to the disruption of highly coordinated, interdependent processes (e.g.) information exchange, communications, relationships) of providing care in Road Safety. Thus, this system creates and maintains all offender data electronically. The system captures accident victim data, vehicle registration, driving license, and offenders, at its source at the time of entry using a graphical user interface having touch screens. My motivation for carrying out this project work is due to perceived problem associated with the manual process of office filling system which is complexities of the rescue and information processes that increase the potential for errors at all steps between service delivery and final report. The system is effective, flexible, user-friendly and developed to deliver realistic benefits to FRSC. The researcher used the Structured System Analysis and Design methodology (SSADM). It is a system development model designed to simplify the understanding of the complexity associated with developing systems. This system model would help to create, design and maintain the proposed system because it summarizes the main steps to be taken in conjunction with the corresponding deliverables within computerized system validation framework. FRSC software would manage accident, offenders and collections for the road safety sector. FRSC would use these applications to centralize and automate essential monitoring processes including: driving license data, expiring date processing, accident data sharing, document, management, electronic claims, collections and final reporting.  

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