Effect of Bad Debt Management on Money Deposit Banks in Nigeria ( A Case Study of First Bank of Nigeria Plc

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Title page                                                                               I

Certification                                                                           II

Dedication                                                                              III

Acknowledgement                                                                   IV

Table of content                                                                      VI



1.0    Introduction                                                                   1

1.1    Statement of the Problem                                               3

1.2    Research Question                                                        4

1.3    Objectives of the Study                                                   4

1.4    Research Hypothesis.                                                     5

1.5       Definition of Terms                                                        8

1.6       Plan of the Study                                                           10



2.0 Literary Review                                                               11

2.1    Meaning of Bad Debt                                                    12

2.2    Management of Bad Debt of Nigeria Money

Deposit Bank in Nigeria.                                              13

2.3       Effects of bad and doubtful debt on Nigeria Money

Deposit Banks in Nigeria.                                               19

2.4       Risk Analysis on Money Deposit Bank in Nigeria             22



3.0    Research Methodology                                                  25

3.1       Sources of data                                                              25

3.2       Population of the Study                                                  26

3.3       Sample Size                                                                   26

3.4       Methods of Data Collection                                            27

3.5       Methods of Data Analysis.                                              27

3.6      Limitations of the Study                                                 28


4.0    Data Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation               29

4.1    Data Presentation of Result                                            29

4.2    Data Analysis                                                               32

4.3    Test of Hypothesis

General Statement of the Hypothesis                              37

4.4    Interpretations of results.                                            39


5.0    Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation             41

5.1    Summary                                                                      41

5.2    Conclusion                                                                      44

5.3    Recommendation                                                           46




         Among the industrial sectors in Nigeria today, banking sector arouses the public interest most it is the most visible and of the fastest growing section in the economy a past from the fact that the monetary of every public guideline document issued by the central bank of Nigeria in January of every tear regulates the activities of the entire economy the banking sectors is responsible for carrying out most of the policy issued to frequent controls and reputations.

         In  popular jargon, the banking sectors has become one of the most critical sectors and commanding height of the economy with wide implications on the level and direction of economic growth and transformation and such sensitive issues as the rates of unemployment and inflation which directly affect the lives of the people banking sector is without doubt of the fastest growing industries in the country today from total 26 in 1980 the number of commercial and merchant banks in the country growing steadily to 40 in 1985 where it stabilized until it increase to about 49 in 1987 beginning from 1987 and following the introduction of structural adjustment programme (SAP) in 1986 there had been a rapid growth in the number of bank increased by 15 i.e 30% to reach 66 and additional 15 joined it in 1989 which witnessed 21 new merchants to bring the total number of commercial and merchant bank to 102. before the government placed temporary ban on the opening of banks in 1991 there was not less than 125 bank operating in the country from N12 million and N20 million for merchant and commercial bank respectively paid up capital increased to N40 million and N50 million one notable implication from the development is the sudden rise in the volume of bad doubtful account which bank are compelled to carry in their books the increasing number of this problem loans had been on granted challenges facing in particular the old generation of bank usually reffered to as the “Big three First Bank of Nigeria Plc. The Union Bank of Africa Plc.

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