Effect of Mass Media Campaign on the HIV/AIDS Menace in Nigeria

The media as had been established can provide for audience members information on Varity of issue.  By emphasizing certain topic stressing particular interpretation and projects specific themes the media creates some distorted impression with their “ definition” portraying  reflection of the real society ie if sexual promiscuity is  regularly portrayed as widely practices and accepted in this sense, the viewers  may accept such definition as normative in the society  because of media definition when somebody defines his/ her own over behavior in such a situation norms  internalized from media sources may guide his/ her  conduct.
The media has gone a long way in teaching people some behavioral practices and pervading them to internalize the norm. the presence of media has attended the nature of societal communication norms
Large advance has concentrated on the media to provide a continuos flow of news entrapment    political commentaries and other types of messages people depend on te media for various forms of gratification open content and if denied such communication they feel deprived and show (Benelson 1950:887-898) the potential effect of the media in shaping attitudes and  behaviors of people has been the subject of considerable debate because many faction both good and bad aspects modify media influence.  It is clear that the media to have at least  and indirect influence on people attitudes and this is by making them aware of events outside their immediate experience / knowledge.
We have learned through research that the images and world carried by media determines within the limitation posed by intervening  factors  opinions  of people and this actions woodier wilson  1998” said “unless you get the right thing go wrong it is believed that the perfect world there is often a vital step to finding the cure for many social ills.
In this it is believed that extensive coverage and true  information from media houses on the Hiv / AIDS campaign will  reach and perhaps touch on the sexual   habits of youths  particularly in Enugu  environs.
The backgrounds of this study reflect that this epidemic is called Hiv/ Aids when a disease is sexually transmitted the public and efforts to eradicate it are fortified because of its effect to the society.  As at present one may say that AIDS is our published, it is the worst disease to have  struck human race since the plaque of the 14th century.
Some health experts are saying that this will cause even more deaths and destruction then the black plague while experts are looking for remedy to this dreadful disease others claim to  have the  capability and even cure for Aids  victim  but was said to have  lacked scientific proofs.  Mean while statistic should that is million people are with this disease and do not know  it for year (VAN IMPT 1987 P.1)

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Table of content

1.0  Background of study
1.1 Historical aspect of HIV
1.2  Statement of the research problems
1.3  Objective of the study
1.4  Significance of the study
1.5  Research hypothesis
1.6  Research  hypothesis
1.7  Definition of terms
1.8  Assumption
1.9  Scope and limitation  of the study

2.1  Source of literature
2.2  Literature review

3.1  Research method
3.2  Research design
3.3  Sampling procedure
3.4  Measuring instrument
3.5  Data collection
3.6  Data analysis
3.7  Expected results

4.1  Data analysis and result
4.2  sample characteristics
4.3  discussion

Summary and Recommendation
5.1  Summary
5.2  Conclusion
5.3  Recommendations
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