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The study is designed to find out the impact and extent of Psychological Aids of Mathematics and its application in the performance of students in Mathematics in Senior Secondary Schools in Lagos State and in Nigeria at large. Psychological Aids of Mathematics (PAM) is the fostering of positive attitude and the propelling force to maintain a grittier tendency for achievement. It can also be defined as the ability or act of grit in propelling motivation and positive attitude in an individual or learner to overcome math anxiety. This project aims to understand how the psychological aids of mathematics help in understanding mathematics. The Psychological aids such as attitude and motivation, could lead to an explanation of students’ attitudes towards math and to an understanding of the defining characteristics of these attitudes in the school environment. Participants consisted of 2016/2017 WAEC students in a Nigeria Secondary School, grade 12 precisely Ikosi Senior High School. The study utilizes an adaptation of the “Extrinsic Motivation Inventory” assessing main determinants of extrinsic motivation. A Pretest –Post-test research was carried out on eight students who did not offer Further Mathematics in grade 10 and 11. Extrinsic Motivation was used. When students are motivated, their positive attitude towards the subject is triggered. Psychological factor (grit and math anxiety) and social factors will work the other way around in enhancing students’ ability in mathematics. SEYE PAM MODEL EQUATION: MOTIVATION (a) +DETERMINATION (b) =ATTITUDE (c) + DISCIPLINE (d), AB + DC= success in mathematic. What determine the success or failure of a learner is the thin line between success and failure called decision. Good decision responses to success while bad decision responses to failure. Good and bad decisions are relative to good and bad attitudes in life. Attitude is everything. No teacher can impart knowledge into learners without having a good attitude towards the subject and learners. However, good attitude requires discipline from teachers and learners. Mathematics is Patience, to pass mathematics you must have the right attitude towards it and be patient. Teacher should try and motivate learners’ interest in Mathematics. Without commitment, you will never start and most importantly without consistency you will never finish. A sample of one hundred and Sixty (160) as participants were chosen using stratified random sampling technique to cover four selected schools. A total of one hundred and sixteen students (116) responded. The instrument used for the data collection was detailed structured questionnaire four research questions and two hypotheses were tested via chi-square method, however the chi-square calculation was greater than the chi-square tabulated in both hypotheses. Hence, the null hypotheses were rejected while the alternative hypotheses were accepted. From the findings, it was evident that all the selected schools lack effective use of psychological aids of mathematics coupled with low utilization of these resources. It was discovered that the utilization of the effective use of psychological aid of mathematics enhances effective teaching and learning of mathematics and equally play a vital role on learners’ academic achievements


CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION                                                                    1   

CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW                                                        6

CHAPTER THREE: MATERIALS AND METHODS                                   





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