This research project is very crucial study for unilcuer Nigeria Plc.  The study was motivated by the necessity to improve performance of Omo detergent through effective marketing strategies.  This research project was aimed at the following:
a. to identify marketing strategies that can be implemented in order to increase the sales and profitability of the product.

b. To determine whether the pricing methods of LBN has helped to increase sales of Omo detergent.

c. To determine whether distribution method of LBN has helped to increase it’s sales

d. To determine whether distribution method of LBN has helped to ensure that availability of Omo detergent in the market.

 Both primary and secondary data were collected to solve the research problem.  The population of the study comprised of the personnel of Unilever Nigerian Plc. The distributors and consumers of Omo detergent. The research instrument used for data collection were questionnaire, oral interview, tables, frequencies and percentages in presenting and analyzing  the data collected.
The chi-square statistic was used to test the various hypothesis since this was a test of goodness of it.
 From data analysis, the researcher came up with the following findings:
- About 63.4 percent of consumers are satisfied with the quality of Omo detergent in the market.
- The respondents agreed that the price of Omo detergent is moderate.
- About 95.1 percent of consumers are satisfied with the availability of Omo detergent in the market
- About 96.6 percent of respondents agreed that indirect distribution system have ensured the availability of Omo detergent in the market.
- About 54.8 percent of those who consumed the product agreed that quality and price are good.
- Distributors agreed that Omo detergent has been well received by consumers and its selling or moving within the market
- The overall marketing strategies adopted y Unilever Nigeria Plc. Has helped to increase sales and profitability of the product tremendously

Based on the findings, the researcher recommended the following: the company should: -
1. Maintain or ever enhance the high quality of Omo detergent
conduct periodic regard studies to assess how the product is performing in the market

2. Conduct periodic research studies to assess how the product is performing in the market

3. Set of consumer panels to give feedback information in the products performance.
4. Maintain good supplies of the product with distribution to satisfy consumers’ demand.

5. Improve more on advertising of the product for further stimulate of enhance sales.

 The conclusion of the study is the Omo detergent which is one of the leading detergent produce by Unilever Nigeria Plc. Has been successful and in order to keep up its marketing of the product , the company should use effective marketing strategies.   

Title page
Table of contents

Chapter One: Introduction
Background of the Study
Statement of Problem
Objectives of the Study
Statement of Hypothesis
Significance of the Study
Scope and Limitation the Study
Definitions of Major Terms

Chapter Two: Review of related Literature
Theoretical Review
Importance of Marketing Strategies
Problems of Marketing Strategies
Basic Strategies Companies use

Chapter Three: Research Methodology
Sources of Data Collection
Population of the Study
Sample size Determination 
Sampling Techniques
Instrument for Data Collection
Method of Data Treatment and Analysis
Questionnaire Allocation and Administration

Chapter Four: Presentation, Interpretation and Analysis of Data
Presentation of Data
Testing of Hypothesis

Chapter Five: Summary of Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion
Summary of Findings 


 In Nigeria where the importance of marketing is yet to be fully appreciated, people talk of marketing their product as if they are referring to our problem.
A successful marketing operation must rest a carefully though and plan.
 The strategy aspect of the plan should be based on what was known of the enemy’s strength and positioning the physical characteristic of the battle ground, the financially of hostile sentiment of those who occupied the territory, and of course, the strength and character of the resource available to the commander.
 In this business organization, these is safety on activity where element of marketing and marketing strategies can not be traced.  Marketers must therefore make the right decision about the four component of the marketing mix, price, product, place and promotion.  These key components must be co-ordinated and more into a unified effective strategy if their product must reform well in the market.  The analogy of business strategies is direct and useful in business and in marketing, the terrain is the market place in particular and economic, potential, social and technological environment in general.  There source are personnel with wide – ranging skill and expertise as well as factories laboratories, transportation system, and financial resource and the corporation reputation.
 Moreover, the performance of the product depend largely on the post purchase satisfaction, whether they satisfied or dissatisfied with the purchase potential consumer expect to derive satisfaction from the product when compared with the ones they have previously used.
 Depending on the nature of business, strategy may have other dimension as well. At heart of any business strategy is a marketing strategy, business exist to deliver product to the markets to the extent that they serve this purpose well and efficiently they grow and profit.
 Expectation therefore play a major role in the reaction of the consumer towards a product, consumes base their expectation o in the information or message received from sellers, friends another source of information.
All these are the marketing effort, the objective of organisaiton has to be considered, particularly profit maximization.
 The conclusion strategies must reflect all aspect of market and above all, it must anticipate the action and reaction of competitors.
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