The reason for banks striving to improve their profitability are obvious and varied. In this era of competitions, there is need for organizations, banks business enterprises churches, clubs etc. to evolve procedures to improve their performance to the benefits of their consumers and knowing fully well that times have change and also the creams of customers.

For banks the need as more pronounced especially when they are faced with what we call institution and inter bank competition, which a times head to the declining profit margin of many banks consequent upon some factors as inflation and tight money supply measures of the permanent. The needs for competitions among banks and other public relations programs geared towards building good corporate image for their respective banks. 

Nigeria banks have recognized that effective public relations has become the integrating force which interprets their environment to the bank management, defines objective and building good will through good deeds. In furtherance of these objectives, many banks in Nigeria have introduced extra incentive such as credit cards, weekend banking organization all in attempt to provide exceptional services for their customers and to retain old customers, attract potential depositors and win public understanding. These banks adopting to change trends by creating effective public relations department as a tool to boost cooperate image are currently experiencing increases. 

Public relations is the art of analyzing influencing and interpreting a person ideograph or business so that he or she will be recognized as serving the public interest and all benefit from so doing.
Viewing public relations from this perspective, the world of Public Relations Association (WAPRA) defines it as “the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting consequences, counseling organization headers and implementing planned programmes of actions which will serve both organization and the public interest.

The definition takes us back to the class attribute of public relations social science is a prestigious terms on account mainly of the work science for its part, art is a glamorous affair. But if public relations is to make any head way in achieving a universally acceptable roles. It must forsake the fanciful way of art (even if defined as skill) and still cling to the narrow way of social science at it present modern state is more of a social science than anything else. The UAC of Nigeria limited which reportedly pioneered commercial public relations defined as: “A continuous effort on behalf of the company to promote the best possible understanding policies activities and social attitude among those who can influence its development” One thing to note in the UAC definition of public relations is that compares do not thieve were there is no competitor in other to realize its objectives, this is company has to make a continues programme and object public which are in terms of policies.
The public of the organizations may be those who influenced the activities of an organization by their contributions towards making the extra activity to be supported only if thing can afford it on term of finance.
Amafili, defined public relations “as a relationship with the general public through publicity, those functions of an organization, corporation, church, government, military, institution etc. concerned with informing the public of its activities, policies etc and analyzing these information in an attempt to create favorable public opinions.
This definition made an accepted fact that public relations is important in the survival of all types to organization and government administration and its is expected to play direct and indirect roles in governing good will for the organization and demonstrating public accountability and social responsibility.

For furtherance of definition of public relations, the American bankers Association and the Director of Education of American Institute of Bankers defined public relations as ….. “Programme and activities carried out among the many sectors of the public by banking institution to create good will and understanding of the banks roles in their lives”
This is a basic definition which purpose deserve amplification. It is all intended to serve “bank” the financial needs and wants of the people, the individual or collective instructions and government. Public relations is concerned with creating promoting, banking and selling bank services, that is marketing, banking existed at the sufferance of people though public relations have been wisely defined as management functions, in its community, understands its goals beware of the internal operation of the organization. In addition the department of public relation in UBA must be skilled in the art and techniques of effective communication and keen in interpretating public relation and attitudes.

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