Employee Development and Job Performance. CASE STUDY: SPLA Medical Corps.

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ABSTRACT This study was qualitative in nature aimed at Employee Development and Job Performance in SPLA Medical Corps with a view of examining into how training and performance correlate and how training will affect development in SPLA Medical Corps. The main objectives were to find out the relationship between's employee development and job performance management in SPLA Medical Corps. Specifically the objectives of the Study were to examine effect of training on employee performance also to explore the effect of career planning on employee performance. To achieve the resultant study objectives, the two hypotheses (What are the effects of training on employee performance and to what extent have career planning influence employee performance?) were tested. The researcher used a sample of 200 respondents selected by use of stratified random sampling and cluster sampling techniques using four data collection techniques (Interview, Focus Group Discussion, Documentation, and Observations). The researcher administered both quantitative and qualitative such as observation to collect data and 189 respondents were interviewed. The study eventually found out that there are more challenges faced by the SPLA Medical Corps since organization of SPLA Forces in year 2005 up to today as the research revealed that 79.4% respondents did not attended the training due to lack budget allocated to SPLA Medical Corps for training and development. The major constraints toward employee training and development is the lack of budget and it is confirmed in table (VIII) showing 81.5 % respondents revealed that SPLA Medical Corps have no budget allocated for training and development. The study also proved there is no budget approved by SPLA Leadership and that is the reason of why there is no designed Health Policy. Other limitations in the management such as communications (vehicles and long Range radios), as health system needs proper coordination, there was a big gap between General Headquarters and Divisions and even within Juba Military hospital Nurses used to come to the work with their own means of transport without compensation. As a result, study confim1ed there was large labour turned over in three years time (2007, 2008, and 2009), 47 workers voluntarily deserted the work illegally. And the labour force has not met the standards despite repeatedly recruitments in year 2007 and 20 I 0. Basing the findings, the researcher have recommended that SPLA Medical Corps is to establish a resource center for training development programme in SPLA Medical Corps-Juba Military Hospital to build the capacity of Medical personnel and equipped them with knowledge. Establishment of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) and establishment of P~imary Health Care Programme in SPLA area of cove"rage jointly with Ministry of Health GOSS, and Conduct five days workshop to come out with Health Management Policy Strategy based on SPLA Medical Corps Vision and Mission to safeguard the system. Researcher also recommended the effect of rewards management system as an area of further research.

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