Evaluating the Different Methods of Corrosion Prevention, Control and Monitoring

This research work was carried out to evaluate the different methods of corrosion prevention, control and monitoring. In the course of the research many scholarly articles on the subject matter were reviewed from which the researcher got lot information concerning the topic at hand. Thus making the research work a reliable source of information as far as facts about corrosion is concerned.
 To ensure this work satisfies the quality expected of it, an experiment was carried out by the researcher using nailssubjected to six different environments to check the effect of the environments on corrosion of the nails.
Two sets of nails were used; normal nail and concrete nail.  Six of each type coated while the other not coated.
The research was carried out in a chemical with necessary tools and equipments required for the experiment.
The environments used are acidic solution, alkaline solution, salt solution, boiled water, air medium and lubricating oil medium, which served as a control medium.
After the experiment, it was observed from the graphs of the weight of metal against time plotted, that acidic environment gave rise to corrosion at a faster rate than other environments.  It was also observed that normal nails gave rise to corrosion at a faster rate than concrete nail.
Coating of metals surface was also noticed to be one of the methods of preventing the high rate of corrosion of metals even though it does not stop corrosion.
In conclusion the researcher understood that the subject matter was treated in order to drastically reduce and better manage the menace corrosion but not to stop it entirely as it may not be possible.
Title page
Approval page
Table of contents

1.1Objectives of the Study
1.2 Scope of the Study
1.3 Significance of the Research
1.4 Problem Statement

Literature Review
2.0 Concept of corrosion 
2.1 Theory of corrosion
2.1.1 The corrosion process
2.1.2 Energy for the corrosion process
2.2 Forms of corrosion
2.3Factor affecting corrosion rate
2.3.1 Physical factors influencing corrosion 
2.4 Corrosion inhibitors
2.4.1 Passivating inhibitors
2.4.2 Cathodic inhibitors
2.4.3 Organic inhibitors
2.4.4 Precipitation inhibitors
2.4.5 Inhibitor compounds
2.5 Electro chemical effects of corrosion
2.6 Corrosion preventive compounds (cpcs)
2.7 Corrosion testing methods
2.8 Corrosion monitoring methods
2.8.1 Coupon method
2.8.2 Probe method
2.8.3 Liquid analysis method
2.8.4 Corrosion products analysis
2.8.5 Gas analysis
2.9Protective coatings
2.10 Corrosion monitoring and inspection technologies
2.10.1 Corrosion monitoring
2.10.2 Coupon testing
2.10.3 Electrical resistance probes
2.10.4 Inductive resistance probes
2.10.5 Linear polarization resistance
2.10.6 Electrical impedance spectroscopy
2.10.7 Electrochemical noise
2.10.8 Zero resistance ammetry
2.10.9 Thin layer activation
2.10.10 Electric field method
2.10.11Corrosion potential

3.0 Experimental Method
3.1 Materials/ Instrument and Tools Used
3.2 Procedure

Experimental Results/Observations

5.1 Discussion
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation

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