Examination Results Distribution System


This project report presents the proceedings of the design and implementation of an

examination results distribution system for the institute of Certified Public Accountants of


The project aimed at facilitating the Examination Results distribution for the Institute of

Certified Public Accountants of Uganda.

The data used was obtained through interviews carried out face-to-face. reading through

records and observation.

The system was made to operate using the functionality of a database driven website.

Specified PHP commands connect to the MySQL database and request the content that

belongs to the Web page.

The implementation and design of this system involved the development of the interface

and the database.

The system was able to authenticate every user to the website by using a login form in

which a user name and password are entered and making sure the system is secure and

functioning to the purpose of its creation.

The evaluation stage involved cross checking the developed system with the real world

values that make sure it functions as required in relation to the set objectives.

The recommendations were also suggested for the proper functioning of the system. It is important to note that the system can only work for the mentioned institute.

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