Research Papers/Topics in Education and Psychology

Critical Thinking Paper (Educational Psychology PSY 2210)

Critical Thinking Paper for Educational Psychology PSY 2210 course

Relationship of Non-Cognitive Skills and Academic Achievements of Undergraduate University Students

Introduction: Universities prepare students to play their role in the society and equip students with cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Having the significance of non-cognitive skills in mind, the study was designed to investigate the non-cognitive skills of undergraduate students at university level. Therefore, the objectives of the study were to measure non-cognitive skills of university students and to measure the relationship of non-cognitive skills and academic performance among them.M...

Impact of teachers growth mindset

In order to explore the impacts of teachers’ growth mindset on teachers’ perception towards their self-efficacy and psychological wellbeing from Bangladeshi high school teachers ‘perspective. This research has performed a combined way of investigation which utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data were used. In study 1, 100 tutors have been surveyed to reveal the outcomes to investigation queries through a structured questionnaire with convenient sampling. Correlations were condu...