Research Papers/Topics in Literature In English

What Now

My work is about the current trend of political unfoldings in Uganda in the year 2017. In 2017, the 10th Parliament of Uganda sought to remove the only safeguard in the constitution and indeed succeeded. That is the presidential age limit which would bar president Museveni from contesting beyond the age of 75.

The African time

civilization and the advent of colonization took a positive and a negative toll on Africa and that has brought a lot of controversy in leadership of Africa, the story is about the bravery of khan and his tribe in defeating evil and slavery from a corrupt king whom was responsible for several unsanctioned death of their people.


The content is Synopsis of a 260 page book which tells a story of a freelancer, Leonard Daberechi Vincent, who is in quest of a future of his own in an uncertain environment. It relives the times of Leo as contained in his diaries.The book is filled with humor as well as aspirations of a Nigerian youth to achieve a future of his ownam